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I’m looking to expand my freelance multimedia creation reach, so here is a 45 second look at what I can do (along with my loves – our kitties (, weather ( and motorsports ( editing/motion graphics:n• Premiere Pro (since 2007)n• After Effects (since 2015)n• Cinema4D (since 2020)n• Currently (2021) self-teaching DaVinci Resolven• Virtualdub/Virtualdub2n• HandbrakennWeb design/coding:n• HTML/HTML5 (since 2003)n• CSS/CSS3 (since 2003)n• Visual Studio Code (since 2015)n• Atom (2020)n• SublimeText 2 & 3 (2019)n• Dabbled in PhP, JSnnGraphic Design:n• Photoshop (since 2005)n• PowerPoint (since 2010)nnAudio:n• Audacity (since 2010)n• Audition (since 2018)n——————————————n• All video assets are mine. n• All graphics are mine (except brand and social media logos).n – The and Copeland Racing logos are mine (created with Illustrator and Photoshop).n• All animation was created by me in After Effects, Premiere Pro and Cinema4D.n• The background music is “Sunset Dream” by Chell (YouTube Audio Library)nnBe sure to visit my website at to my channel and turn on notifications to be alerted to new content.nThanks for taking time out of your day to visit my channel!nnFollow all of my content across the social media spectrum:nPersonal:nWebsite: http://www.chuckcopeland.comnFacebook – – – Kitties – The NCHurricats:nInstagram – – – – – http://www.nchurricane.comnTwitter – – –

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