Granville's liquor license support sought for potential new restaurant – The Newark Advocate

An entrepreneur hoping to establish a restaurant with liquor service shared his vision for a historic downtown location during the Sept. 15 Granville Village Council meeting.
“Our goal at the soon to be former Whit’s space is to turn it into a neighborhood eatery that focuses on the bounty of agriculture that surrounds us,” and that would support “as many local farmers as possible,” Chris Crader said.
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Toward that end, Crader is asking that Granville Village Council consider signing off on transfer of a liquor permit to allow for alcohol service at his planned restaurant.
“The building is historic, it’s pre-Civil War,” Crader continued. “Love the building, I love that it’s on Broadway.”
He said when it was learned Whit’s was leaving for a new location further east at 226 E. Broadway, “one of the property owners approached me. It’s a little small, but there’s already a kitchen upstairs. As you know, there’s been a few businesses up there.”
Crader said it pains him “to see a revolving door of businesses, because I know how hard it is to start a business. Our goal is to open a business that will be here for a long time to come.”
He said the potential launch of the new eatery is “on a sliding scale” as he waits for the site to become vacant, but that he hopes to “jump on” preparing the space for his new enterprise as soon as Whit’s has moved out.
His goal, he said, is to buy the building from its present owners but hopes to do so with a liquor license in place.
In other council matters, Village Manager Herb Koehler confirmed Granville has taken steps to apply for county and state American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to help extend infrastructure (sewer and water) further out the Ohio 16 corridor, as well as on River Road, The plan includes Weaver Drive water/sewer and pathways, as well, he said.
Koehler said the county views the proposed project jointly pitched by the Village of Granville and Granville Township as being in its Top 10 tier for potential funding, “which earns us extra points in competition with the state,” Koehler said. “All current indicators are favorable” for securing potential funding, he said, although the potential scale of any funding remains an unknown.
Koehler said the Village is now also in partnership with several other neighboring municipalities in the “Build Back Better Program” for further potential funding.