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Daniel Craig, who is making his final appearance as James Bond in No Time To Die, praises his director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s artistic vision.
Daniel Craig praises No Time To Die director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s auteur vision for James Bond. This 25th entry in the Bond franchise is also Craig’s final outing as the gentleman spy. After meeting with a lengthy series of pandemic-related release delays, No Time To Die is scheduled to open in the US on October 8.
Fukunaga’s path to directing No Time To Die was an unconventional one that could have spelled trouble for the production. British director Danny Boyle was initially attached to the project, only to leave over creative differences, forcing the studio to quickly search for a replacement. When Fukunaga was brought on a month later, he became the first American to direct one of the Eon Productions Bond films, as well as the first to also receive a writing credit.
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According to a profile on Fukunaga from The Hollywood Reporter, however, Craig is impressed with how his new director handled the process. The longtime Bond actor is familiar with how difficult it can be to make such massive blockbusters, and he says it’s important to have a capable individual there to shape them. It was Fukunaga’s artistic vision that stood out to him most:
It’s crucial with the franchise to have individual directors imprint their take on the character and story, and Cary truly brought his own unique vision. Having an auteur of his caliber at the helm is tangible in the end result.
Elsewhere in the profile, the No Time To Die director discusses the creative differences that led to his hiring, saying that Boyle’s vision was more whimsical than the producers wanted for Craig’s last Bond film. He also says that, after he was hired, he felt “a tremendous amount of freedom to reinterpret the character: Bond has a lot of [recurring] tropes, but I think what’s great about Daniel Craig’s run is just how much more raw and brutal and brooding he is. I much prefer that Bond than the one-eyebrow-up version.”
Craig’s confidence in his director is perhaps unsurprising, but that he singles out Fukunaga’s auteurist vision should be comforting for Bond fans. No Time To Die already came with tremendous pressure, being both Craig’s final entry and a bellwether for the franchise’s financial viability, which has only built over the year-and-a-half it was delayed. Craig’s comments are one sign that Fukunaga’s film will have been well worth the wait – assuming, of course, it does actually meet its release date next month.
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Source: THR
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