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McNeely Technology Solutions today announced expansion of their database services. Db2 LUW is part of the Db2 family of database products designed to run on many popular operating systems including Linux, IBM AIX, and most Windows systems. In response to a client request for support for Db2 LUW McNeely Tech piloted this service successfully, and now they are offering this added service to all customers. Db2 LUW service includes installation, upgrades, patching, tuning, health checks, and incident resolution. To accommodate this additional product line, the company increased personnel, training, and resources. Db2 LUW adds to the company product line of Oracle and SQL Server database administration services.
President Mary Elizabeth McNeely explained, “the market is diverse, and clients need support for the database flavors they are running. We have expanded our services as clients ask us to take on additional database products. Client needs drive our growth as well as our directions for growth.”
Database administration remains McNeely Technology’s flagship offering. Their target customers —mid-sized companies—often run multiple database brands in their environments. McNeely added, “now it’s easy to say ‘yes’ to our clients’ short-term or long-term needs.”
About McNeely Technology Solutions
McNeely Technology Solutions offers Oracle, SQL Server, and Db2 LUW database administration and development, serving clients ranging from single-location enterprises with only one or two databases to publicly traded nationwide corporations with complex technical issues, but focused mainly on mid-sized clients in fast-paced environments with complex technical needs. McNeely Technology Solutions, Inc. is a Texas corporation, based in Dallas, and a certified Women’s Business Enterprise/Historically Underutilized Business. For more information
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