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Keeping up with constantly depreciating technology is an on-going business struggle. Faced with competing financial demands, savvy business leaders are always hunting for ways to conserve cash while cutting expenses. Unfortunately, one of the low areas on the totem pole tends to be server and computer upgrades, particularly if everything seems to be working at the time. But choosing to hold onto aging hardware, software, and peripherals for too long is a risky business proposition that could end in disaster.
What many business owners do not realize is that holding onto old technology is costing more in terms of security risks, lack of customer confidence, lower productivity, and increased maintenance costs required to keep old devices running past their best life span. According to TechRepublic, “Hardware-level breaches are one of the latest modes of attack by cybercriminals … The majority (63%) of organizations said they experienced at least one data breach in the past year due to a hardware security vulnerability.”
The technology it takes to run your business is extremely important, which is why having new computer, networking and other office peripherals is critical to any businesses’ success. And avoiding security breaches has become a full-time job for most companies. A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper commissioned by Dell in June 2019 based on an online survey with 307 IT, security, risk, and compliance decision makers at companies with more than 500 employees found that, “…breaches can result in harmful consequences for an organization including loss of sensitive data (52%), financial loss related to system downtime (39%), slow IT remediation time (36%), and outages that affect customer-facing systems (35%), according to the report.”
Furthermore, the paper found that “Attackers have already begun breaching security at the BIOS level. Hardware- and silicon-level exploits are a pervasive threat. Nearly two thirds (63%) of companies have experienced a data compromise or breach within the past 12 months due to an exploited vulnerability in hardware- or silicon-level security.
While the majority of organizations reported hardware and endpoint security measures as their top security priorities for the coming year, when asked specifically about hardware-level defenses and supply chain protections, they admitted they weren’t properly prepared to address vulnerabilities at these levels. This gap between strategy and execution is exposing firms to potential risk.”
Due to these circumstances, a new way to access the technology businesses’ need for a low flat monthly fee per device is sweeping the IT scene. With a TaaS or technology as a service program, businesses can eliminate the steep upfront costs of buying new equipment and maintaining it. Technology as a service makes it easier than ever to keep your technology up-to-date and secure. It was designed exclusively for growing businesses and is a competitively priced, all-inclusive offering that makes updating your equipment easier than ever.
How technology as a service works
With this set-it-and-forget-it program, your IT managed services provider will deliver enterprise-quality hardware, software, licensing, manufacturer extended on-site warranty, fast replacement of failed devices, and eco-friendly decommissioning of end-of-life equipment, all for one low flat rate per month per device.
Perks of TaaS
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