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The MG Maze Concept puts mobile gaming and urban commuting onto the same plate and imagines a whole new dimension in FUN-mobility.
The last 18 months have been a tough time for the automotive industry with COVID on the prowl and us as well with being confined to our home. MG, the iconic British automaker, also felt the same and they decided to channelize this letdown into something productive and bold. Now let us ask you, what comes to your mind when you hear " Get Out & Play". Obviously to get lousiness out of your system and indulge in physical activities right?!
Well, this is the same tagline that SIAC Design Studio in London has used to summarise the radical MG Maze Concept. Oh, they want you to get out and play, but they have decided to pack your gaming room setup as well! On the 3rd anniversary of SIAC Design Studio London, they decided to make a cool-looking automobile that is a gaming rig on wheels.
They have gone to the extent of putting in a couch-like 2-seater layout with a panoramic view thanks to the all-glass dome with virtually no A or B-pillars! It even gets a removable battery that cooly stays exposed at the rear and fits perfectly as the radical new brother to the MG Cyberster electric roadster, which for the record, was also conceptualized by the same vibrant guys from SIAC Design Studio London (these guys make very cool concepts).
The MG Maze Concept puts mobile gaming and urban commuting onto the same plate and imagines a whole new dimension in FUN-mobility.
When we mentioned that MG is putting a gaming rig on wheels, it wasn't clickbait! The whole idea of the MG Maze Concept came from how we managed to keep ourselves sane at home during the pandemic and lockdown period – Pure unadulterated gaming fun! The creative dudes at SIAC Design London took the key factors like a gaming rig, the beloved gaming chair, and a controller and slapped it into a radically looking automobile layout.
Technical details are nil here as the MG Maze is a design exercise but from the almost transparent body, it is showcased to pack a GPU, a CPU, RGB bits, a cooling system, and a removable extra-large Li-Ion cell that looks cool with its rear positioning. While this is imagined as a pure EV, MG hasn't imagined it as a real-life specimen. And so, no specs.
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The interior setup has been inclined on being the coolest gaming layout out there and the seats play a very crucial role in it. The MG Maze Concept packs 2 ZERO gravity seat layout that has a lightweight transparent shell and top-notch fabric for a modern streetwear vibe.
The open-cockpit layout is what further enhances the gaming experience that MG wants to put forth. With minimal physical intervention, the MG Maze provides for an unreal virtual experience with the open-cockpit layout. ​A smartphone doubles up as a controlled and its sophisticated user interface projects data along the whole front windshield seamlessly integrating the real and virtual world.
Let's start with the fact that along with all the RGB-laden transparent cool vibe, the MG Maze Concept looks rather cute. It has a very strong VW Beetle vibe, but a gaming beetle! SAIC Design has made sure to bring forth as many "gaming" elements as possible to the exterior design of the Maze as well. And it starts with the ingress and egress.
To provide occupants with the "just dive into it" experience, the MG Maze gets a front opening canopy layout that allows you to just dive into those technically advanced gaming seats. The seamlessly uninterrupted glass top-half is practically a stupid idea as safety is thrown out of the room, but that doesn't make it any less cool. The exterior mimics a cool-looking gaming rig that flaunts its components via the various transparent and exposed areas. Related: Here's Why MG TD Was The Quintessential Sports Car
Taking the gaming aspect of things into account, points are scored when drivers explore the urbanscape and interact with expressive art pieces. Also "easter eggs" in the game allows players ( or occupants) to dial up on their status which is displayed in a rather cool LED lighting along the side of the car. You earn points, interact with other players in the game community, and take the game to the streets!
In an ever-evolving automobile world where EVs are depicted as being revolutionary but riddled with problems, boring, and without souls, MG Maze brings forth an idea that will make the next generation fall head-over-heels for EVs. And this also indicates the transition of automobiles into "tech".
While that sounds very exciting, the MG Maze Concept is merely a design exercise and more specifically an anniversary gift by SIAC Studio London to themselves. The concept is adventurous, but taking a practical approach with such an idea is a very tough deal.
The safety hurdles are humongous and the gaming concept puts forth a lot of distractions which goes against the definition of a safe driving setup. So, MG's wild imagination will not likely be fruitful on the roads, but this paves for the perfect blueprint to work on virtual gaming and VR experiences.
Car manufacturers love teasing us with amazing concept cars they never intend to put into production… but we still remain hopeful.
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