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First Mr. Arrue, owner of Lake Tahoe Computers located in South Lake Tahoe, would like to take this opportunity to thank the fire crews and law enforcement for saving and protecting our town during the Caldor Fire.
As things begin to return to normal around Lake Tahoe, Arrue suggests this is a good time for local businesses to consider the safety and security of their network systems. Data breaches, network attacks, and day-to-day security concerns are an increasingly common issue for businesses of any size. These can be avoided with the installation of a high-tech network system. Arrue provides local, expert IT consulting and installation services to help companies remain competitive and stable in most circumstances.
“Even without the recent fires, Lake Tahoe experiences a lot of service interruptions. Many people are trying to switch their equipment, but they can’t wait three or four days to get the parts they need. You want to pick a reliable and trustworthy local business to support you with these matters,” says Arrue, who founded Lake Tahoe Computers in 2009.
He is currently repairing and doing upgrades for businesses affected by the fires. Being based in South Lake Tahoe means Arrue and his staff at Lake Tahoe Computers are here and ready to help. Tech assistance from larger companies comes from out of the area, and, often times, those companies call Arrue for local jobs.
“We know the area, how our market works, and what kinds of Internet service providers (ISP’s) and equipment are more appropriate for your needs,” says Arrue of the challenging environment for phone and Internet services.
According to Arrue, network security requires more knowledge to plan, update, and protect customer data and business information than what customers are used to doing on their own.
“People are used to setting up their equipment by themselves. You must be careful about the network you create. A majority of people’s Wi-Fi is on unsafe channels,” says Arrue.
For new clients, he starts with an assessment of their current equipment and setup. What he usually quickly discovers is that the majority simply go with what their Internet service provider gave them. They supplement that equipment with security cameras and routers, which often leaves very little protection for their customers and personal information.
“It is important to consult with experts, like Lake Tahoe Computers, on your IT projects, and ensure that everything is coordinated and secure. You want to prevent ransomware and cyberattacks, as well as block access to unwanted devices to ensure the integrity of your customers’ data.”
A four-point approach is used to study a client’s setup. Arrue looks for fault tolerance, meaning the system is robust and the business won’t fail if the system goes offline. He also investigates scalability, determining if a business has the electronic infrastructure to succeed and expand. An audit is done on the quality of service, making sure to prioritize networks and data traffic so they work well. And finally, he goes over the security of the entire network system.
In addition to internal network security, Arrue is an expert in Internet-based camera systems and video surveillance, having been certified with GeoVision in Las Vegas, one of the biggest experts in the field.
“In Tahoe you see so many outdated systems with old-format CCTV cameras. We can now offer 4K and 8K camera systems to help business owners stay on top of their operations.”
Like other aspects of business IT, putting long-term thinking into the equipment helps ensure the viability of a system, making it easier to manage in the future. “We have clients outside of Tahoe who own businesses, and we installed full systems with many cameras. Even though we installed these systems prior to 2015, they are still operating today.  That’s why it’s important to invest in equipment that’s reliable and durable. Enterprise equipment might be more expensive, but it should last you 10 years with good maintenance”
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