A very large Hub Vision video board will greet Bruins and Celtics fans at TD Garden – The Boston Globe

One brand-new, state of the art and very large scoreboard will greet fans entering TD Garden for the Bruins exhibition opener Thursday and for all Bruins and Celtics games this season and many more.
The new ‘Hub Vision’ video board that will hover over center ice and center court features four main video panels that are 18 feet by 32.5 feet wide — nearly twice the size of the old panels. Two separate ringed video boards, each 3½ feet high, sit atop of and encircle the “cube” of screens.
Made by Daktronics and featuring 4K resolution and 2.5 millimeter pixel spacing (that’s a good spacing number), the resolution of the four main screens will exceed that of any other NBA or NHL arena, the Garden said.
Introducing Hub Vision, our brand-new scoreboard! 🤩

Nearly double in size, this 4K board has 4 main screens and 4 underbelly displays. It offers the highest resolution in the @NBA & @NHL, delivering the clearest in-game presentation. Learn more: https://t.co/4rR3JmpMD0 pic.twitter.com/tGG8N64Bc3
“We are so excited to kick off the season and deliver the clearest and most captivating in-game presentation on the all new ‘Hub Vision’ scoreboard,” said Amy Latimer, president of TD Garden in a statement. “The scoreboard is the centerpiece of the arena, and this upgrade will bring an unparalleled, technologically-advanced in-game experience for all our guests to enjoy.”
The sound system at the Garden will also be improved, with Clair Global Integration’s Cohesion Series CO10 loudspeakers delivering “powerful, smooth, and precise audio to every seat in the house,” according to the release.
The arena and the Bruins are owned by the Jeremy Jacobs family. In 2017, the family made a $100 million private investment in upgrading TD Garden, with the new scoreboard and audio system the latest spending project.
Michael Silverman can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter: @MikeSilvermanBB.
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