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  • Consistent performance; a broad, optimized software ecosystem; cost-optimized performance; and wide availability are compelling reasons to use Intel® technology for your cloud workloads.

As cloud adoption grows, enterprises seeking to gain the benefits of cloud computing are asking important questions. How can we seamlessly migrate our workloads? Will we have to retest everything or refactor a lot of code? How can we be sure that infrastructure can meet the needs of our users or application demands? What about long-term flexibility, costs and scalability? The answers to these questions have everything to do with the underlying cloud infrastructure services—both hardware and software—and the workloads being considered.
Decades of innovation and optimization with the world’s leading technology and service providers means that Intel not only has a deep understanding of enterprise use cases and needs, but also a fine-tuned, globally deployed architecture you can count on.
Experts in cloud computing optimizations for enterprise workloads
Innovation is accelerating at a rapid pace and business-critical enterprise workloads like VMware, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, Salesforce, Oracle and data analytics are migrating to the cloud.
Through longstanding relationships with top ISVs, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and CSPs, Intel collaborates daily with the cloud ecosystem, developing and optimizing Intel technology to run with excellent performance-per-dollar. This includes collaborating with CSPs to develop purpose-built instances, such as Microsoft Azure DCsv2 Virtual Machines, designed to better support demanding tasks and workloads such as encryption and decryption of data, in-memory databases and data analytics.
Proven consistent performance from data center to cloud to edge
Intel offers purpose-built architecture to deliver consistent performance on a wide range of workloads. This architecture is pervasive from edge to data center to cloud. Some platform architectures are only available at very specific CSPs, or in limited data centers. But Intel-based instances have the largest, most globally available footprint across all the leading CSPs.
What’s more, Intel’s commitment to providing consistent, predictable application performance improvement with each new generation of Intel® processor, leads to excellent performance per dollar spent on cloud services.
Breakthrough performance from software optimizations
Intel spends a great deal of time and effort making sure its customers get enhanced performance from their enterprise applications. Optimizing applications, tools, libraries and frameworks lets them take best advantage of Intel technology.
The following performance improvements compare the performance of software optimized for 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to non-optimized performance.
30X faster AI inference performance with Intel® Deep Learning Boost and software optimizations and 6X better throughput/$ on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors compared to a graphics processing unit (GPU)1
5X improved automatic speech recognition throughput2
3X improved rendering throughput3
Half the cores for equal performance with lowest total costs
Often, cloud cost assessment tools are driven by instance cost alone; but this approach can be misleading. Many factors affect true cloud infrastructure cost. For example, many enterprise ISVs charge per core. Choosing a server node that has fewer cores but provides similar performance to a higher-core count node can lower software licensing costs. Intel® Server Platforms provide outstanding virtual machine (VM) density, which means you can do more with less. Besides core count, other aspects of total costs to consider include migration ease, compatibility, and vendor lock-in risks.
Intel® Cloud Optimizer tool helps optimize cloud, container and VMware infrastructure to provide recommendations of public cloud instances with the price and performance characteristics required for your specific workload.
Trusted hardware for cloud-based enterprise workloads
Intel technology is most-trusted across all major CSPs, as evidenced by the fact that top ISVs like Oracle, SAP and VMware certify their cloud environments only or primarily on Intel.4
Intel has been co-engineering and developing cloud technologies since the start of public cloud more than 15 years ago; that co-engineering collaboration with the world’s leading CSPs continues today. With millions of Intel CPUs running in the cloud across all major CSPs, you can have greater confidence in seamless migrations as you move your workloads from on-premises to cloud, from one cloud instance to another or from cloud to cloud.
Easy manageability for cloud environments
Popular hybrid cloud stacks such as AWS Outposts, Azure Stack, Google Cloud’s Anthos and VMware Cloud are optimized for Intel architecture. These stacks provide intuitive management capabilities that can lower cloud adoption barriers.
Intel technology solutions are solving real pain points and business challenges on-premises, through communication networks, at the edge and in the public cloud. This pervasiveness enables enterprises to unlock new business opportunities, accelerate and modernize their business or migrate to the public cloud with ease.
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1How We Scaled Bert To Serve 1+ Billion Daily Requests on CPUs – Roblox Blog
2Speech Recognition Performance by 5x. (Intel® Math Kernel Library, Intel C++ Compiler)
3Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory And Large VFX Ram Footprints: A StudioCloud Render Study
4Intel only SAP Hana certified IaaS instances
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