Readers React: Expand vision, hearing and dental coverage in Medicare – The Morning Call

I stand staunchly in support of the actions being considered by Congress when it comes to filling the gaps of vision, hearing and dental coverage in Medicare.
We have an enormous opportunity with the reconciliation bill before Congress to effect meaningful changes in the social safety net. As the wealthiest industrialized nation in the world, and the only one without universal and comprehensive coverage, we must work to ensure a full complement of coverage to seniors.
The number of seniors needing such care is going to increase exponentially in the next decade. Lehigh County’s Aging/Adult Services anticipates increases every year: “The number of people in the Lehigh Valley 65 or older is expected to increase approximately 67% from 91,000 in 2000 to an expected 152,000 in 2030,″ according to that agency.
With that perspective, it is critical that residents acknowledge the current and forthcoming medical needs of this population. Filling the current Medicare benefit gaps in vision, hearing and dental coverage is one step to fixing this need, ensuring healthy aging.
The Lehigh Valley’s Medicare beneficiaries deserve better coverage opportunities.
Aidan Levinson
Upper Milford Township
The writer is a junior at American University, Washington, D.C.