Cyber Security Awareness Month October 2021 | Information Technology Services – SF State News

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness month and the theme this year is:  
Kick-Off:  Do your Part.  Be Cyber Smart 
Each week will focus on a different area to highlight the corresponding cybersecurity risks and tools/tips to reduce/mitigate them. The mission of the SF State Information Security Office is to provide balanced and tailored campus-wide cybersecurity, information security, and privacy risk management services.
October 4 /  Week 1
Be Cyber Smart

October 11 / Week 2
Fight The Phish

October 18 / Week 3
Explore. Experience. Share

October 25 / Week 4
Cybersecurity First

Questions? Contact: [email protected] or  (415) 338-1420
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                 Cybersecurity Awareness Month San Francisco State University
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                 Cybersecurity Awareness Month San Francisco State University
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