DJs for Climate Action, ReRoot Release 2030 Vision Report On Making Electronic Music Industry More Sustainable – Magnetic Magazine

Chic Hooligan
DJs for Climate Action, DJ4CA, with ReRoot, has unveiled a vision of what the electronic music industry should transform into trying to mitigate its impact on the environment. The 29-page report has quotes from DJs like Jinku, Lola Villa, Louisahhh, Mr. V and Peter Power and was formed after a DJ survey was compiled at the end of 2020.
The “vision” focuses on four key areas: Touring and Connection; Venues and Events; Economic and Income Model; and Self-awareness, Transparency and Influence.
Touring will need to get greener, something I have emphasized time and time again. This could be with greener transportation, like high speed rail, green travel riders, better touring maps and more.
Venues and events will need to become greener. This could be expectations of a plastic-free event, sustainability built into the events, from renewable energy to vegan meals, and to share ideas and resources with other promoters since this is a global problem. They also talk about a industry certification scheme for green events and venues, but there aren’t a lot of details.
The economic and income model needs to change according to the report. This means that for artists to tour less, they need to make more money from streaming and their music. That will require artists to make explicit the link between fair pay, touring and climate change when lobbying the streaming giants. Ticketed online events could help prevent travel and still earn income from events.
The last part about transparency and self-awareness is a little more abstract, but still important. It will involve donating money to charity, tracking data and sharing it with the public and more. It is the part about walking the walk when you say you will care about the environment.
You can read the full report on the website for it.
They released the following statement on the 2030 Vision:
In 2030 we are not just an industry, but a vibrant global community at the forefront of climate, environmental and social action.
As DJs and artists, we take responsibility for our actions and impacts. When we travel we fly less, stay longer and connect more deeply – nourishing our creativity, as well as our mental and emotional health. Touring is regenerative, not extractive: a two-way exchange that supports local people, culture and ecologies.
We favor clubs, festivals and events that operate in harmony with nature, are inclusive, and inspire a mindset shift. The contributions of diverse peoples in diverse places are recognized and valued: line-ups are more representative of our diverse, dynamic movement, with stronger regional and local programming.
To support less frequent flying, by 2030 we’ve built an income model that’s less reliant on touring. Income earned from music creation better reflects its true value; artists have united to demand fair pay from digital service providers; and supplementary income is available from other sources, both on and offline.
As culture creators, we inspire others and create cultural trends by speaking with an authentic, humble voice about what’s needed, what’s happening, and opportunities to push further. We know we don’t have all the answers, but embrace the opportunity to be open and transparent, have difficult conversations when needed, and build an urgent industry-wide dialogue.”