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Google Meet Has added a new auto-brightness feature to its web version to fix bad lighting during video calls. It adds to the low light mode for Android and iOS users of the video calling platform launched last year. NS new function When enabled, it will automatically detect poor lighting conditions and increase the level of brightness for visually superior video calls.
Google Meet
Anyone using Google Meet for Web can enable this feature and there is no administrator control over the auto-brightness feature. Not only desktop users, but also iOS users who use Google Meet for Web via iPhone. This feature is said to be available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.
To enable it, people can go to the details section of Google Meet,[設定]Tap an option,[ビデオ]Select and finally[ビデオ照明の調整]Enable the option.
When enabled, Google Meet The brightness will increase automatically. If it is not enabled and the user is underexposed, we recommend that you enable the video lighting adjustment feature.
However, tech giants warn that this feature can adversely affect the speed of computers and laptops. Therefore, if you don’t want your PC to spin slowly, you can easily disable this feature.
The video lighting adjustment feature has already begun to roll out and will eventually be available to all users.
Remember, Google Meet Start low light modePerforms the same function on iOS and Android mobile apps last year. Artificial intelligence (AI) automatically adjusts the brightness of your video when people are in a dark environment. There was also a noise canceling feature to remove distractions in the background for uninterrupted video calls.

How to use-Technology News, Firstpost
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