SIU technology professor weighs in on Microsoft announcing password-less sign in – KFVS

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) – Say goodbye to having to generate those annoying passwords, at least for Microsoft accounts.
The company announced this week it’ll give users other options when accessing their account.
“It’s something that looks like it would be easy to set up and to try.”
Thomas Imboden teaches Information Technology at Southern Illinois University and said he’s not sure how convenient this will be for everyone, but he’s willing to try it out and see.
“In theory, it sounds good,” he said. “They talk about with security; three different ways of proving that, you should get access to something and that’s by having something, knowing something, or being something. So most of what we’ve seen to improve security recently has been adding two of those things what you know meaning a password and a username along with something that you are like a fingerprint or an authenticator code.”
So here’s how it work: you’ll use an Microsoft Authenticator APP then you decide if want to use facial recognition, a fingerprint or a unique pin.
Emily Hoehne, owner of Stash Boutique, said she usually likes to keep the same passwords for everything.
“I feel now there’s so many things you need passwords for like different apps, email and different websites,” Hoehne said.
Imboden said for many years people have relied on passwords as a form of security and now this new feature may remove some of the problems related to passwords.
“This is maybe a step in the right direction but whether it’ll be the magic solution, I don’t think it quite will but it’s a neat idea. It’ll be kind of fun to watch and hopefully it’ll be a good positive step in a more secure direction for Microsoft and its users,” said Imboden.
That new feature from Microsoft should rolled out in the coming weeks.
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