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Vox revolutionises tech support with bundled service for home users
Vox, an integrated ICT and infrastructure provider and telecommunications company, has introduced an affordably priced, consumer-focused monthly managed IT (MIT) support service that combines cybersecurity with IT maintenance.
“Up to now, consumers requiring home IT support generally had two options. They could phone a service provider who would send an engineer and charge anything from R800 to R1,200 per hour. Or they could pay a monthly fee of upward of R400 to have IT support on standby but may never even use it,” says Dominique Yeates, Product Manager for MIT at Vox.
The Vox Home IT Support offering disrupts these traditional options by delivering a subscription model that includes anti-virus, anti-malware, general protection for devices, and the patching of the operating system.
“You would not keep a plumber on retainer every month, so why should you do so for IT support? With us, consumers can repurpose what they would typically spend on their monthly anti-virus subscription and get a significantly enhanced offering that delivers not only anti-virus but gives our expert IT consultants access to their devices for remote remediation, ideal for the new normal we are living in,” adds Yeates.
The Vox Home IT Support service is available at R29 per month per device, R69 for three devices, or R99 for five devices while giving the consumer access to engineers from 08:00 to 21:00 daily. It is as easy as logging a support ticket by clicking an icon on the desktop, and have the experienced Vox engineer respond within an hour to ensure the consumer can get up and running as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the user will only be billed for time spent on the problem at R299 per hour.
Whether it is email or Zoom issues, problems getting the printer set up correctly, or just performing routine maintenance, the Vox Home IT Support offering can meet every consumer IT requirement. And if the issue cannot be resolved remotely, a qualified engineer will be dispatched at R799 per hour to help with IT issues typically associated with on-site support such as cabling, physically connecting devices, and other hardware troubleshooting.
Every transaction is recorded for audit purposes.
“Essentially, the home user can offset the monthly subscription fee against their current anti-virus solution. And as a trusted ICT solutions provider, Vox has a proud tradition of delivering effective enterprise-level support. Extending this to the consumer market will only strengthen remote working environments and alleviate many of the headaches IT departments are facing,” she adds.
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