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Author: Lenette Votava
Where can you find information about IT services at Notre Dame? What about getting answers about a supported computer app? Or what if you have a question about your laptop or mobile device?
Your first thought might be to contact the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) Help Desk. But now, you can find all this information and more in the ServiceNow portal.
When the portal was launched, it included 24/7 access to hundreds of how-to and informational articles with answers to most campus IT services. Today, servicenow.nd.edu has been redesigned and improved to provide a whole new level of help with campus services.
It’s a great resource to help you find answers for almost any Notre Dame service or technology service available to you as a faculty or staff member, or student. The home page features the main categories in which the information is stored.
Many of the service categories have been renamed for easier search, and the most frequently searched topics are near the top of the list. Plus, the “smart” search feature will pop-up related articles and information based on what you entered in the search field. Things like:
Another feature that was recently launched in conjunction with servicenow.nd.edu is the virtual agent. This chat feature is available 24/7. It can provide you with resources and answers to common questions about IT services at Notre Dame, such as Zoom, Sakai, Adobe applications and virtual computer labs.
If you need additional help while connected to the virtual agent, it can send you to the right resource to help resolve your issue.
The next time you have a question about a Notre Dame or IT service, use the ServiceNow portal and see how easy it is to find what you’re looking for. You can access it at: servicenow.nd.edu.
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