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Today Tech News Updates
Here are the top seven things you must know about Tech with The Hans India on September 7, 2021. Let’s begin…

Foldable iPhone – All That We Want From Apple Check out the most speculated foldable iPhone from Apple in pictures. This is all we want from Apple 🙂
WhatsApp to stop working on these Android and iPhones by end of 2021 The list of Android phones published by WhatsApp includes smartphones from Samsung, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Sony, Alcatel and others along with a few iPhones. Now that these devices are nearing the end of support for WhatsApp.
Beware! Windows 11 Alpha is a New Malware The Windows 11 Alpha malware attack is trying to mislead people through a phishing or spear-phishing email campaign and this is happening even before Microsoft’s new operating system has been officially rolled out.
Never Save Debit, Credit, Aadhaar, PAN Card, ATM Pin on your Phone A recent survey by social media platform LocalCircles shared that many users still do not follow the security practices suggested by experts while using insecure methods to store their bank debit card and debit card ATM PIN, Aadhaar card, PAN number and more.
How to Access Google Drive Files When Offline Google is launching a new feature that allows users to view and even edit any document stored in Drive, as long as they use the Google Chrome browser. Now it will be possible to view PDF files, images or Microsoft Office documents offline from Google Drive.
Microsoft Surface Go 3 May Launch on September 22 Recently Microsoft announced that it will host a Surface hardware event on September 22. It will take place virtually at 8:30 pm IST (11 am ET). It is important to note that Microsoft has not yet revealed the list of devices that it plans to present at the next event.
PlayStation 5 Games to be More Expensive: Report Games made for the PlayStation 5 console might soon become more expensive due to the rising cost of production of new video games, media reports say. The cost of making video games for new platforms doubles with every console generation, reports GizmoChina.

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