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Amazon has introduced the following new profile avatar features: Prime video This allows people to set up profile pictures inspired by their favorite Amazon Originals characters in India. This is a continuation of the recent global release of Amazon Original Profile Images.
This new feature allows people to choose from character images from Amazon’s Indian show as profile images. This includes Munna Tripathi. Mirza Pool To Slicant Tiwali Family man, Siddhi Patel in Please give me 4 more shots, Haathiram Chaudhary in Paatal Lok, Panchayat, etc.
Amazon Prime Video Profile Avatar Options.
relax!We’ve done everything, you just have to tap for a surprise
— Amazon Prime Video IN (@PrimeVideoIN) September 15, 2021
People can also choose from a variety of international Amazon original characters. This is similar to how you customize your profile picture based on your Netflix Originals character. Netflix..
Sushant Threeram, Marketing Director of Amazon Prime Video India, said of the latest features: Launching Amazon Original Profiles is another way to allow fans to get more involved with their favorite shows and characters. “
Users can update their profile through any device that supports Amazon Prime Video. Here’s how to do this:
On Android and iOS, people Amazon Prime Video At the bottom of the app[マイスタッフ]Select an option, tap on any profile, then in the drop-down menu[プロファイルの管理]Select an option,[プロファイルの編集]On the screen[編集]Tap an option,[プロファイル]Choose[画像]Click an option and select from the list of characters available to make changes. This can be done while creating a new profile.
NS Prime video On the website[プロファイル画像]Select an option,[プロファイルの管理]Click Options and[プロファイルの編集]Tap an option, click on the profile image to select it, and you’re done.
Users can do the same with supported connected devices such as smart TVs by selecting the profile image option in the menu, selecting the profile with the remote control, and selecting the image of the desired character. I can do it.

How to do it-Technology News, Firstpost
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