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We could see a rapid increase in technological innovations in the 21st century. Slowly and gradually, technology became a part of everything. And it’s safe to say that it only did more good for Gen Z than damage. With Covid-19’s outbreak, one only recognized how technology had been a blessing all along. With everything going […]
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We could see a rapid increase in technological innovations in the 21st century. Slowly and gradually, technology became a part of everything. And it’s safe to say that it only did more good for Gen Z than damage.

With Covid-19’s outbreak, one only recognized how technology had been a blessing all along. With everything going digital and technology being a significant part of every human’s everyday routine, we couldn’t stop listing how many new trends came into being. 

Even the businesses that we couldn’t imagine going remote and using technology to continue working went online. While Covid-19 did bring in multiple security risks, companies did what they had to do to sustain.

One major trend that had been ever-evolving in the world was cyberattacks which increased during the pandemic. To control these attacks and save their sensitive data, businesses took the help of multiple cybersecurity tools, including Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), to stay safe over the internet. 
They considered VPNs one way to cater to their cybersecurity concerns. Many VPNs were tested and used by companies during this scenario. Compared to other VPN service providers, these were the top 3 VPNs used:

Now, let’s look into some top 2021 tech and business trends.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the top trends of 2021 but has been evolving for years in the world. AI is one computerized system that performs various tasks for humans and can easily imitate human behavior. 

AI has affected how we live and how we do things in different ways. AI performs many tasks like making predictions, recognizing speech and images, Smart Home services, smartphone PAs, making decisions, etc.

Navigation maps or streaming services online are all AI-enabled services. AI does everything better than humans, which is why it has become an ongoing trend and is widely being used by businesses.

AR and VR have increased with Covid-19 taking a toll on most of us and becoming a part of our lives and work environment. Studies predict that the AR market will grow to around $50 billion by 2021.

With Covid-19’s rise, this technology got adopted by almost every corporation despite its niche as remote working came into being. Most communication, meetings, and collaborations by organizations were done using AR and VR according to their needs.

These fantastic technologies made us acknowledge the 3D models, AR avatars, virtual gaming and sports events, assistance through remote means, AR navigation, etc. that helped us make our work worthwhile at home.
Another business and tech process that later became a trend is remote onboarding and working. While organizations had to immediately switch to remote working during the pandemic, which hadn’t been done before, they realized that work from home is actually convenient and possible.

Multiple tech tools started being used in corporate sectors like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc., that offered state-of-the-art systems and features for videoconferencing and staying connected.

Multiple startups like Bluescape came into being, which offered virtual collaboration platforms to businesses.
Another trend that made a spike in 2021 was cybersecurity. While businesses stayed vigilant about their data security all the time, they needed to ensure their safety more during the pandemic.

With remote working, every employee used a personal space to connect to the business’s network at large. This risked corporate security more than it should. VPNs were used at large to keep corporate data encrypted at all times. Employees were asked to set up a VPN on their devices to protect their online activities.

With remote working being implemented everywhere, every employee needed high-speed internet to work and stay connected to their businesses. Therefore, telecom companies acknowledged the need for a 5G network and are readily working to offer 5G services in the world widely.
The Internet of Things or known as IoT is the future of the world. What this means is that many ‘things’ are now coming in through internet connectivity. The things can be connected to the internet and are called the Internet of Things.

This technology promises more security and efficiency to businesses in terms of decision-making and analysis. This technology already has multiple things connected to the internet, like home appliances and devices. An easy example of this technology is Fitbits that are connected to our phones to track our fitness.
Contactless deliveries became the new normal during the pandemic. While once considered impossible, just like remote working, companies realized that it’s not as bad as they thought.

Many delivery apps like UberEats all minimized contact with customers and started offering this service to reduce Covid-19 spreading. China also began the use of robotic deliveries in the pandemic. 
A new emerging trend is edge computing which overcomes all the shortcomings of cloud computing. 

Edge computing assists in storing data and computation together that is closer to the collection device instead of being dependent on a distant central location.

You can use edge computing to collect time-sensitive data in places where there is no connectivity and send it to a centralized location.

Yet another new trend for students was online education or e-learning. Thanks to technological innovations like Zoom, online learning became possible, which allowed students to stay on track with their syllabus, studies, and exams.

Videoconferencing became one easy way to conquer the physical barriers of education. While the concept was to keep it strictly for the pandemic, many institutions want to make this a part of their curriculum and letting it be a new norm.

Online courses also became a powerful tool of learning. Udemy, Coursera, and Age of Learning were the famous ones out of the lot. 
Automation is also an ongoing trend of 2021. Businesses have started to address where humans are not needed. They have started to use automation and robots in places where humans are not adding any actual value. 

Businesses have started predicting white-collar automation soon where robots would replace professionals.

These are some top business and technology trends. The list doesn’t end here. If we list down all the directions, then the list is going to be extremely long. Therefore, we mentioned the top 10 trends for the year 2021 to keep you on track with the latest happenings and trends of the world.

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