AGB agrowbase – Linking Agriculture Online

Executive Summery:nAGB is about serving the small businesses in the agriculture industry; who work local, and have been left out of marketing and advertising online, due to cost and technical knowledge requirements. Innovations in agricultural and the growth of expanding niches in the industry occur frequently; however, information concerning small scale experiments in agriculture is not being shared efficiently between communities of agriculture. There are a myriad of factors which could aid in the dissemination of this information, the main crux of which could be provided online via an automated platform that helps monetize such information (to the benefit of all stakeholders) and disseminate it among communities effectively through interfaces which contextualize and enhance convenience.nnSmart System Assumptions:nSome farming sub-cultures are significantly more innovative than others; I believe what distinguish them is the degree of competitiveness within the market niche they inhabit, their inter-connectedness (with vendors and other farmers), and their openness to share knowledge in the form of information and opportunity. My research shows that small scale farming business know little of their neighbors success or the details of their farming practices, so I want to create an online learning tool for storing farming insights and diffusing information between farming cultures. Linking isolated farming groups to integrate previously unrelated viewpoints and technologies could spark innovation and wealth creation in regional economies.nnCurrently there is no direct competition by other agricultural software developers focused on bridging the scope of the agricultural community with an integrated online marketing, advertising, and learning tool.nnA place where farmers can Market themselves cheaply, and build up SEO and local credibility online without needing web development skills.nA place where farmers can Learn and gain prestige by imparting their deep knowledge and experience about farm operations.nA platform which can Profile the diversity of the agriculture industry, and circulate information and opportunity among its many segments.nAn convenient online space for farmers to create content, track farming Trends, regional agriculture networks, start conversations, and inspire innovations in small scale agriculture.nIf a credible database of up-to-date profiles on farm operators and farm operations exist online, the attributes of those profiles can be leveraged for data insights to provide other stakeholder groups (government, vendors, consumers) with valuable advertising space, market information, and statistics on a multitude of farming segments participating in the system.nnThe next innovation in agriculture rest in enhancing communication between stakeholders of the industry: farmers, vendors, government agencies, and consumers. If information between these stakeholder groups were exchanged in a more convenient, interconnected, and straightforward manner online, it could encourage more robust local farming networks, food production opportunities, inspire experimentation, spur product innovations, and help build up a new knowledge economy on agriculture.