Jimkimi provides a one-stop service from airport baggage transportation to lost baggage claims – Korea IT Times

Jimkimi, a South Korean startup that developed airport baggage management service software, has been providing services since October 2019 with the motto of eliminating existing inconveniences and keeping customers' baggage safe at the airport.
Based on its airport baggage management patent in Korea, Jimkimi has filed international patents in the US, EU, and Singapore, and is cooperating with airlines based on its specialized technology based on deep learning and big data.
“When the customer's luggage is checked in and arrives at the destination airport, the Jimkimi service will text you to see if it has arrived properly, 'when' and 'where' it will be delivered,” said Jimkimi CEO Park Dong-keun. “It is an integrated baggage monitoring solution that allows you to immediately recognize that an accident has occurred and simplify the accident resolution process while continuously monitoring updated information when a baggage accident occurs.”
This type of integrated service can reduce the customer’s anxiety related to their baggage and efficiently manage their waiting time.
“I lost my bag when I went on my first overseas trip. It was heartbreaking that my luggage did not come out at an unfamiliar foreign airport, and I suffered a lot of inconvenience when I was told to keep waiting even after reporting it to the airline,” said CEO Park. “This messed up my travel plans. I searched for baggage management service, but there was only insurance service for after an accident. That’s why I decided to plan Jimkimi.”
Jimkimi has entered the new baggage management market with convenience and expandability as weapons.
The Jimkimi service can be used without installing a mobile app. Users on a 2G network as well as those without WiFi or global roaming connections can still receive the service.
It is a patented management solution that can use both barcode and RFID-based airport infrastructure, so it is not limited to a specific airport and can be easily extended to international flight services.
Jimkimi is pursuing expansion into international service based on domestic and international airports.
Through this, the company plans to expand its service range by collaborating with travel, hotel, and transportation vendors, and to build its own data ecosystem and expand its business using Big Data.
Meanwhile, Jimkimi was recognized as a promising startup last June, and was selected for the ‘2021 Y&Navigator 2nd Batch’ accelerator program hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization, and operated by Y&Archer. Through this program, Jimkimi received support such as customized mentorship, startup education and networking, investment referrals, and Y&LAB (market validation test).