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To the editor:
Mayor Kassandra Gove inherited immediate challenges when taking office: a town struggling financially, an outdated technological and ailing physical infrastructure, and the arrival of COVID-19. She was undeterred from her commitment to our city’s progress, while prioritizing the safety of our residents, including her determined communication with Gov. Charlie Baker to bring vaccination availability to our town.
Mayor Gove balances rolling up her sleeves (literally) to work on physical projects alongside residents with her commitment to serve the greater community. She governs with the long game in mind, which is crucial for sustainable success. She executes her plans in manageable steps that support long-term goals, when immediate resolutions are not realistic.
Successful leadership extends beyond one-on-one exchanges, although she is always available for these. It includes the clearly defined vision, communicated directly and executed with transparency that we have with Mayor Gove. She demonstrates the patience needed in addressing problems that may be much more complicated than they appear. She has kept her word in offering easy access to information, such as fiscal allocation (including over $7 million in grant money that Amesbury has received under her leadership), decision-making processes, project updates, personnel hiring and town programs, to name a few. When we utilized the “See-Click-Fix” process, the response was timely. She implemented Amesbury Listening Sessions, an opportunity for her to listen to the wants, needs and concerns of residents, which are recorded for the Amesbury 2030 task force to consider as they plan for the future of our community.
Leadership is not a linear experience without course corrections. Mayor Gove demonstrates an ability to problem solve that includes adapting to limitations that are built into the system, and to unexpected challenges, and shows the resilience to make changes if needed to continue to advance a solution.
Mayor Gove has the humility, patience, commitment, work ethic and long-term vision needed to effectively lead during these challenging times. She is committed to a fiscally healthy town using resources beyond taxation, and an inclusive, safe, inviting community for all.
Mayor Gove’s accomplishments are impressive during her first term. She deserves the time to continue the hard work, thoughtful solutions and dedication to a town she has always called home and to which she is deeply committed.
Debra Hickok
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