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OTTAWA, Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DLS Technology Corp., a premiere Solutions Integrator and one of Canada’s Top Growing and Growth 400 companies, has always been at the forefront of Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation innovation. Our latest partnerships with industry-leading Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions are no exception.

DLS is excited to announce that we are formally launching our DATA ANALYTICS, ADVANCED SEARCH and PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS services nationwide. Based on industry-leading and Gartner Magic Quadrant solutions such as ThoughtSpot, Microsoft PowerBI and SAS Viya, DLS is delivering advanced enterprise level big-data solutions and services to organizations big and small.
One of our flagship projects that leverages these state-of-the-art data analytics capabilities is the Government of Canada’s Data Café, where we designed and developed a platform for government employees to work on their data easily, securely, and accessibly. We made it endlessly customizable, with chatbot-enabled, and prioritized UX design to make data collection and analysis easy.
This hybrid-cloud platform was architected primarily to meet the data and analytics needs for all SSC users regardless of their skill levels. However, with the design, there is also an opportunity to bring Data Analytics to other Government of Canada departments using a “Bring Your Own Data”, and co-creation capabilities of data analytics solutions with multiple departments. This solution could transform how the Government of Canada ingest, interprets, collaborates, and uses its data.
“Whether you’re a front-line worker, clerk, manager or executive, the solutions we provide are designed to give each individual in the organization the right data in real-time. There are solutions that are as simple to use as Google, such as ThoughtSpot and MS Power BI, and others that are more complex which may require the use of Data Scientists, such as SAS Viya. Regardless, our solutions are designed to meet the needs of every member of your organization.”
Patrick Nadeau, Director of DLS Sales & Marketing.
DLS is a leader in providing customers and clients with industry-leading business intelligence and analytics solutions.
Gartner best-of-class offerings such as ThoughtSpot’s SpotIQ are able to find insights within your data. Insights like trends, correlations, explanations of increases and decreases, and outliers (values unique from what is typical in your data). Using SpotIQ, our clients can find interesting answers in their data that they might not have found on their own. SpotIQ also learns from your responses. Insights based on how you interact with SpotIQ will result in more custom and relevant results.
“The data being leveraged by companies today are corporate wide. Data addresses client engagements, sales, products, productivity efficiencies, effectiveness, cybersecurity, infrastructure and more,” Nadeau said. “Data is far-reaching across all aspects of an organization, and it’s no longer an isolated component.”
By leveraging industry best of breed solutions like ThoughtSpot, MS PowerBI and SAS Viya, DLS can create custom solutions that provide critical and timely data for small, medium, and large enterprise companies. Regardless of the complexity needed, we can provide organizations with a custom solution that meets their needs.
“With our vKey and Zero Trust Architecture of this data analytics solutions stack, I believe that we represent one of the most comprehensive and secure solutions available. It’s the right mix of interoperability, security and compatibility. It doesn’t matter who the user is, where they are located or the type of data being used, it’s easy to integrate and use our solutions.”
Eric She, President of DLS Technology Corporation.
Want to learn more about how to improve your Business Intelligence efforts through Data Analytics, Advanced Search and Predictive Analytics? Book a call with us today or you can visit www.dlstech.com, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
About DLS Technology Corporation
Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, DLS Technology Corporation offers comprehensive technology solutions and services to national clients within the government, healthcare, defence and finance sectors.
Named one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies for three consecutive years, DLS takes a hardware and software-agnostic approach when developing its clients' unique solutions, focusing on delivering comprehensive products that surpass expectations across all verticals with specialization in:
Advanced Search and Predictive Analytics
Cloud Computing and Virtualization
Cybersecurity and Zero Trust Network Architecture
Endpoint Security and Secure Remote Access (SRA)
Identity Management and Authentication (MFA)
Infrastructure and System Integration
Modern Digital Workspace Transformation

DLS’ patented vKey Cybersecurity Secure Remote Access (SRA) Platform enables today’s remote and mobile global workforce to work securely from anywhere on any device by creating a secure, clean and trusted endpoint that allows users to connect to their corporate network free of any data leaks or security risks.
vKey provides true security mitigation against ransomware, keyloggers, and screen capture threats to remote users and their devices through a comprehensive solution that provides security for Data in Use, Data at Rest, and Data in Motion.
To find out more about DLS or vKey, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].
Media contact
Patrick Nadeau, DLS Technology Corporation, [email protected], 613-249-8818
A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/1512b4db-562f-4f8a-ab57-18400e1081ae

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