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NanoVMs is raising backing now for a new cloud-based server operating system that could change cybersecurity as we know it.
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Disruptor. It’s become a powerful word in the business world. Every new venture likes to position itself as the new idea or new force that’s ready to knock the dust off their stodgy, complacent industry and point the way toward a new direction for all.
Of course, not many of these ventures are truly innovative and unique enough actually to play the disruptor card and make it work, but the need for change — and the power of being the force behind that charge — is potent. If a new idea really can be a disruptor, its backers could be poised for big success and big riches.
NanoVMs thinks it’s ready to play a disruptor role in the exploding areas of cloud operations and cybersecurity, a pair of tech markets poised to generate over $650 billion in revenue in 2022. Already backed by over $2.4 million in funding, including money from the U.S. Air Force and Department of Energy, the company has now launched a public offering via StartEngine.
The campaign allows general investors to plant a flag now, financially backing NanoVMs’ potentially groundbreaking technology. Investors can now get in on this server-based operating system that’s smaller, runs faster, and is exponentially more secure than today’s traditional cloud-based computing.
NanoVMs is based around the idea of updating the technology that’s dominated servers and business-based operating systems for decades: Linux.
While Apple and Windows have long dominated the operating system space for personal computers, the open-source Linux has spent nearly 30 years as the de facto answer for IT pros running most business systems. Its versatility and power have made it the operating system that runs virtually all the planet’s supercomputers as well as over 90% of the servers and cloud infrastructure in the world.
While Linux is an unquestioned workhorse, it’s also been around for three decades, well preceding the current cloud computing revolution. Linux wasn’t built for the cloud or to run increasingly popular, utility-heavy visualizations. As with any technology that’s been around that long, that leaves Linux in need of some upgrades, particularly in the critical area of cybersecurity.
With cyber-attacks on cloud services rising astronomically, NanoVMs offers a new operating system based around the unikernel, a smaller, faster, more secure program at the core of an operating system and the brain behind much of its function.
Standard operating system kernels let multiple users access data at the same time, which also opens opportunities for data breaches and cyberattacks. NanoVMs’ unikernels are self-contained micro-machines that run independently of Linux, each running individual apps all by themselves.
Because they aren’t part of an interconnected OS web, they’re smaller and run faster than regular kernels. And since they only contain a single program, they aren’t susceptible to traditional hacking and other cyberattack methods.
That efficiency of space, speed and heightened security are also hyper adaptable, capable of integrating smoothly with most current cloud-based systems. In addition to making for an easy transition for IT specialists, programmers, web developers, and others, all that improvement also leads to one big selling point for early adopters: money saved on smaller, more resourceful, and more secure server operations.
With the new OS ready to make inroads in healthcare, finance, energy, telecommunications, and government markets, NanoVMs is seeking investment to help finance that push. So far, the company has already attracted interest from some notable venture capitalists like Ron Gula, Bloomberg Beta, and L2 Ventures, headed by NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.
Right now, through the NanoVMs StartEngine campaign, you can invest early to get the best price on a company that could disrupt one of the largest industries in the US. 
By | | Topic: Misc
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