Bangladesh will welcome Russia’s investment: PM – The Daily Star

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday laid emphasis on expanding fields of cooperation with Moscow, saying Bangladesh will welcome Russia’s investment in its jute industry.
“Bangladesh will welcome Russian investment in jute,” the premier said while newly appointed Russian Ambassador to Bangladesh Alexander Vikentyevich Mantytskiy called on her at her official residence Gono Bhaban in the capital.
Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim briefed the newsmen after the meeting.
He said both of them stressed the expansion of areas of cooperation in various sectors alongside agreeing to explore the possibilities in the agriculture sector.
The prime minister highly appreciated Russian cooperation with Bangladesh in different sectors, particularly in building Rooppur nuclear power plant.
Profoundly recalling the support of the then Soviet Union during the Bangladesh’s War of Liberation, she said, “The country has supported us strongly at our struggling time (during the War of Liberation). So they are in a special place of our heart.”
Sheikh Hasina mentioned that many Bangladeshi students had studied in Russia, especially in medical science.
She also said Bangladesh will be happy to welcome Russian President Vladimir Putin here.
The Russian ambassador said he was in Dhaka 20 years back, but the present development of the country is “massive and remarkable”.
He stated that the friendship between Bangladesh and Russia has started since 1971 as the then Soviet Russia had extended cooperation to the country.
He noted that trade and commerce between the two countries have increased substantially.
The Russian envoy also expressed his country’s interest to build second nuclear power plant in Bangladesh after completing Rooppur nuclear power plant.
He also put emphasis on strengthening cooperation in defence sector between the two countries.
Ambassador-at-Large Mohammad Ziauddin and PM’s Principal Secretary Ahmad Kaikaus were present.
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