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by Gabriel Pessoa
Photo Credit: Genesis USA
Genesis unveils the blueprints for electrification of its entire vehicle lineup, available at Braman Genesis, for a sustainable future. Genesis announced this vision of electrification with the live stream release of its vision statement film, “Futuring GENESI,” which you can see in its entirety below:

Since its launch in 2015, Genesis has been focused on bringing positive changes to customers’ lives. With today’s drivers making more responsible choices toward a better future, Genesis is setting a new direction for the brand and taking steps to create a more sustainable future for driving. If this attitude speaks to you, and you would like to get on board with Genesis’ mission, contact Braman Genesis in order to find out more and to speak with a knowledgeable Genesis agent.
The video opens with an introduction Euisun Chung, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman, discussing Genesis’ past, present, and its journey to a sustainable future.
“Genesis has been on an intensive, bold and successful journey, successfully establishing itself as a truly global luxury brand,” said Euisun Chung. “Genesis is once again at the starting point of another audacious journey – the journey toward a sustainable future.”
The brand’s new vehicles will all be purely electric starting from 2025. To drive the shift to electrification, Genesis will focus on a dual electrification strategy involving fuel cell and battery EVs. Genesis will put an effort on developing pure electric technologies such as new fuel cell systems with higher power output, and electric systems that help improve efficiency. In additional, Genesis will devote itself to building next-generation technology that draws better performance and efficiency from lithium-ion batteries.
Photo Credit: Genesis USA
Along with the dual electrification strategy, Genesis announced its goal to pursue a carbon neutral brand by 2035. This is the first time a member of the Hyundai Motor Group announces this transition, and it will solidify the brand as a leader in the luxury vehicle industry. Genesis plans to make the bold transition to innovate its entire value chain, beginning with raw materials, vehicles, and parts, as well as extending to all work sites and production plants.
To become carbon neutral, Genesis will establish itself as a 100 percent zero-emission vehicle brand by 2030. Genesis aims to build an EV lineup consisting of eight models and expects global sales to reach 400,000 units per year.
To learn more about Genesis’ bold new vision for a sustainable future, CLICK HERE.
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