HCL Tech to hire over 20,000 college graduates this year – Mint

  • HCL Tech said it will look to onboard 30,000 freshers next year

IT services company HCL Technologies is planning to hire around 20,000-22,000 fresher graduates this year and is looking to onboard 30,000 freshers next year, the management said on Thursday.
The Noida-based company also said it started encouraging senior managers to come to office at least twice a week and depending on the requirement each vertical is encouraging people to come to office once a week.
“We do expect momentum to increase by the end of this calendar year. This is the policy that we have at this point of time,” HCL chief human resource officer (CHRO) Apparao said.
The company’s net addition of headcount was the highest at 11,135 during the September quarter in the last six years. Its total headcount reached 1,87,634 at the end of Q2.
Infosys has already announced that it is expanding its hiring program for freshers as attrition levels witnessed a sharp spike. The Bengaluru-based IT firm said it plans to hire 45,000 college graduates this fiscal as compared to earlier target of 35,000.
HCL Tech CEO Vijayakumar said people returning to work will not impact the digitisation process as it is more related to business transformation.
The company rolled out increments for junior management after nine months starting from July. The increment was in the range of 7-8% for offshore employees and 3-4.5% onsite.
For senior management the increment has been rolled out starting October 1.
The company said it expects revenue to grow in double digits in constant currency for the financial year 2022. Consolidated revenue from operations in the second quarter rose by 11% to 20,655 crore from 18,594 crore in the corresponding quarter of 2020-21.
HCL Tech reported a net income of 3,259 crore in the reporting period and declared an interim dividend of 10 per equity share.
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