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TietoEVRY has announced its new strategy to drive customer value and growth through specialization in hyperconnected data management and cloud computing technologies. According to Gartner, Cloud is at the core of every new technological advancement, enabling organizations with much-needed capabilities during ‘times of uncertainty’. With hyperconnected data converging with Cloud computing services, any business can develop resilience, agility, and sustainability in a very short time. Meanwhile, TietoEVRY has also signed an agreement to sell its software businesses Alystra, Jydacom and TRYGG/2000 to EG, a Nordic software company.
Cloud computing is a mainstream computing model that has been validated as a dependable foundation for delivering IT capabilities. – Gartner
TietoEVRY is leading the technology industry by envisioning a Cloud-based economy.  With cloud as the foundation, TietoEVRY would embrace expansion opportunities for the company. Expansion will focus on cloud-native services, data & software engineering and scalable software businesses. TietoEVRY Group shall continue to support the businesses through scalable common functions (Finance, Strategy, global Operations, and HR) driving portfolio development, performance management and efficiency across the company.

TietoEVRY is today announcing a new strategy to drive specialization and focus. Investments will be focused on businesses where the company sees competitive advantages and sustainable growth: cloud-native services, data & software engineering and scalable software businesses, including their global expansion potential. In the areas of traditional managed application and infrastructure services, the company sees new partnerships as potential means to build scale and pursue joint investments.
To capture the momentum of cloud-native and software market, TietoEVRY is establishing six specialized end-to-end businesses. These businesses will have full operational responsibility, including go-to-market, service portfolio, investments and partnerships. Reflecting the distinct market dynamics of each, the individual businesses will have optionality to scale, and prioritize investments. These businesses, built on the solid foundation of the current service lines, are: Business Design & Engineering, Health & Care Software, Financial Services Solutions, Industry Software, Enterprise Modernization and Cloud Platform Services.
The following investment priorities will drive competitiveness and value creation in each business:
At the time of this announcement, Kimmo Alkio, the President and CEO said –
“The global technology market is going through a profound change as the market is becoming cloud-enabled and new technologies are at the core of enterprise business renewal. This is the right time to renew our strategy, also in light of our integration progress, and capture the opportunities stemming from the high-growth markets for cloud and software.
The change in the market opens up opportunities for TietoEVRY to provide high-value creation, operational agility and innovation for our clients through specialization. We believe this specialization-focused strategy with six end-to-end businesses will be highly competitive in the market. Our businesses will be able to explore alternative means to accelerate growth and expansion through business-specific investments, partnerships and potential M&A. With this strategy, we also enable further value creation for our shareholders.
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The direction we are setting today is the biggest change in the company’s history – and we are taking a quantum leap forward in our potential. I trust these changes will also be highly rewarding to our employees, as we will all gain enhanced learning opportunities and a sense of pride from our individual contributions to our customers’ success. I am excited to embark on this new phase and the opportunities it brings to unlock the full potential of our global team of 24 000 experts – towards solutions that make a world of difference.”
The new structure, dismantling the current matrix, and appointments in Executive Management will take effect on 1 January 2022. The businesses forming the reportable segments as from the first quarter of 2022 are described below:
Business Design & Engineering
Cloud-native development, data and software engineering expanding globally
To be led by Christian Pedersen
Health & Care Software
Open and modular software for Health & Care, expanding Nordic customer base and markets
To be led by Ari Järvelä
Financial Services Solutions
Modular and integrated software suite for Nordic and global financial institutions
To be led by Christian Segersven
Industry Software
Software for core processes in the public, energy and industrial sectors
To be led by Ari Järvelä
Enterprise Modernization
Automated managed services and transformation to drive enterprise efficiency and agility across business processes, applications and infrastructure for selected Nordic customers
To be led by Satu Kiiskinen
Cloud Platform Services
Secure multi-cloud capacity driving scale and platforms for customers’ cloud adoption
To be led by Johan Torstensson
The business executives together with 
Tomi Hyryläinen, CFO
Kishore Ghadiyaram, Head of Strategy
Trond Vinje, Head of Human Resources
Malin Fors-Skjæveland, Head of Operations, will form TietoEVRY’s Executive Management led by Kimmo Alkio, the President and CEO.
Source: Tieto
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