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To the Editor:
Serving over four terms on our Legislative Council has affirmed my belief that Newtown’s legislative and fiscal authority is most effective when it takes a proactive role in the planning and governing of our community.
During my tenure I have seen the municipal side and Board of Education drift apart in planning and coordination, while recently the council has become more reactive. Highlighted in Charter Revision requests, this is evident with projects such as the high school auditorium and the Hawley ventilation and AC where, despite being town buildings, experts from the Public Building and Site Commission and Sustainable Energy were not engaged until late in the process.
Concerns from other boards were dismissed when the BOE waved their purchasing policy to give the bus company a no-bid five-year contract. Each year during budget season we are promised long-term planning and coordination that fails to materialize. This neither benefits the students nor the taxpayers.
Newtown has an opportunity to change this dynamic with as many as four new Board of Education members. I am particularly excited about the Kuzma, Larkin, Ramsey team!
My goal is to see the council resume proactive leadership as when I joined. At the time Jeff Capeci was our chair and I am encouraged by the prospect of him returning to potentially lead again. Recently Jeff has worked with Dan Rosenthal as a selectman and I believe that relationship will only improve collaboration between boards. However, returning Capeci to chair only happens with a Republican majority, so it is my sincere hope voters will consider and elect the wonderful Row B candidates on November 2!
My comments are my own and not on behalf of the Legislative Council — of which I am a member.
Thank you.
Ryan Knapp
Sandy Hook
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