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There has been a huge surge in the use of digital tools in the education sector since the lockdowns began in March 2020. And it’s highly likely blended learning is here to stay. So, with this fresh academic year educators need to tidy up their tech and data and close the COVID learning gap.
That means easy access to information and intelligence. Education technology (EdTech) is the only way this can happen, but we have to do it right. Crack that balance, and we’ll shape the culture of learning and create a digital-first curriculum fit for the next normal.
Wasted time shows need for education intelligence
Traditionally, Management Information Systems (MIS) were kept locked in school offices due to outdated IT. During the pandemic, school and trust staff spent significant amounts of time and energy looking for and extracting vital information like academic results, attendance, and safeguarding notes. Without easy access to these insights, it’s difficult for teachers to plan effectively, school leaders to step in at the point of need, and trust leaders to implement impactful changes.
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From blended learning, registrations, absences and detentions, to financial planning, staff development and reporting, they need software that gives them real-time information so they can act quickly and step in at the point of need to create the best possible outcome for every pupil.
Why schools need a single source of data they can trust
For 90% of school leaders data and analysis has a huge impact on workloads, recent research indicates. With the new school year around the corner, there has never been a more critical time to give schools a real-time intelligence system with a single source of trusted data, regardless of how big the school or trust is. That way, academic results, behaviour and safeguarding notes are all stored on a centralised, easy-to-access-and-use system.
Trust leaders must have the intelligence to make better decisions, especially as they scoop up more schools and academies. EdTech can help them cost ‘what if’ scenarios, looking at longer-term financial projections and making data-driven decisions for the good of the trust. By receiving real-time updates, teachers can see trends in real-time and identify what changes need to be made. This empowers them to match educational impacts to financial ones, like comparing this across schools to identify areas of achievement and improvement.
Better outcomes for pupils and staff
We have a real opportunity to learn the lessons of remote teaching during COVID-19, but educators and leaders need the right tech to teach in an agile, hybrid environment, be able to act at the right time, and create positive outcomes. Technology can streamline admin to save time, provide real-time updates for instant action, and accurate data to create positive change. It can also empower educators and leaders to work smarter and give them the time back to concentrate on what matters most – improving the opportunities for students.
By having better information, leaders and staff can be supported with the intelligence they need to make smarter decisions about pupils, schools, and trusts. EdTech, done right, can shape the culture of learning, deliver smarter outcomes for pupils and ultimately, give staff the precious time they need to deliver their best.
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