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October 16, 2021
Hybrid work models will come to the fore at the latest with the fall of the obligation to work from home in July 2021. A new industry index now wants to work out more precisely what this can mean for companies.

The Global Cisco Hybrid Work Index is intended to provide insights into the habits and technology use of employees – according to this, the home office option can influence at least 64 percent of those surveyed whether they stay at work or quit.

The newly introduced index evaluates measurement data from millions of aggregated and anonymized Cisco customer data and supplements this with selected survey results. This should enable a comprehensive view of the four subject areas People and Culture, Collaboration, Security and Networking.
The results are also of interest to German employees, of whom a current Civey survey only returned to work, or only partially, in the office after only around a fifth. The resulting hybrid work models not only offer technical challenges such as home networks parallel to company networks or (new) apps for collaboration. There is still a lot of catching up to do in interpersonal dealings. According to the industry index, at least one person is connected remotely in 98 percent of the meetings; at the same time, video participants in hybrid remote meetings do not feel equal.

Home office regulation in Germany one hundred days after the end of the home office obligation.

(Image: Civey)

Of the Global Hybrid Work Index wants to determine these and similar working trends and is to be updated every quarter in the future. In addition to Cisco’s own employee data, the study is supplemented by surveys from third-party providers that surveyed more than 39,000 people in 34 countries, including CIOs, IT decision-makers and employees. IDC came to a comparable result in the middle of the year, according to which 80 percent of all German companies do not want to return to traditional office work from the pre-Corona era.

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