Apple CEO says he's worried people use technology too much –

The billionaire boss of Apple has said he’s worried about people using technology too much.
Tim Cook, who took over from Steve Jobs in 2011, singled out social media and suggested ‘endless scrolling’ probably isn’t good for us.
Speaking to Bustle, Cook explained his views on technology and its effect on our collective mental health.
‘I’ve always thought that technology should serve humanity and not the other way around,’ he said.
‘And I always worried about people using technology too much,
‘And so, we came out with Screen Time to try to give people a true reading of the amount of time they’re really spending on their devices because generally, it’s a lot more than they say.’
Cook went on to say the time spent on social media surrounds a person with ‘negativity’.
Apple, by contrast, wants customers to use its products to connect with friends and family and not just to use them for ‘endless, mindless scrolling’.
This isn’t the first time Cook has taken a swipe at social media. In January, on Data Privacy Day, he threw shade at ‘purveyors of fake news and peddlers of division.’
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