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To the editor:
I am writing in support of the election of my good friend (and cousin) Sean Reardon for mayor of Newburyport.
I have known Sean for, well, my entire life, but my memory certainly goes back 40 years, and in that time I have seen firsthand the qualities that make him a great friend, son, husband and father, and will also make him a great mayor.
By now, residents have seen a lot written about Sean’s personality. “Consensus builder” sounds like a campaign phrase, but for Sean, it’s a personality trait he’s had all his life.
People sometimes underestimate Sean because of it – that he chooses to listen and find common ground rather than lecture and demand things be done “his way” or the way that his supporters want.
But as a Newburyport fireman, I can tell you that the city really needs a mayor who is focused on finding consensus on all the issues facing the city and not someone just interested in “getting things done.” At the Fire Department, we work as a team, with each person doing their job, and Sean will put together a team that gets the job done.
I grew up in Newburyport and I’ve seen a lot of mayors, and the ones with the most impact have been those with a long-term vision for and interest in the city.
Sean has wanted to be mayor since he was 5, not because he wants power but because he has a vision of this city as a dynamic community that welcomes, cares for and considers all its citizens equally, from children to seniors, rich and poor, and everyone in between.
Sean is the only candidate with a vision for the next four years, and the next 40, because at his age, he knows his time in the city extends beyond his terms as mayor to life as a resident for many years afterward.
For these reasons, I cannot recommend more strongly my friend and cousin, Sean Reardon, for mayor. 
Marc Ouellet
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