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Auckland-based Fastcom bulks up to pursue regional growth.
Auckland-based telecommunications and IT services provider Sietec NZ and its subsidiaries have been acquired by IT and networks provider Fastcom.
A notice on Sietec’s website reassured customers that from their point of view services would be “business as usual”.
“This will allow us to continue to enhance our offerings to our customers and expand the team that supports you,” Sietec explained. 
“We are committed to continuing to deliver our existing services and support to you but also now expand to offering enhanced IT support, security, public and private cloud services, networking, internet, backup and disaster recovery services.”
Companies Office records show the acquisition was completed late last week. Fastcom is half-owned by Danny Chan and half by Daniel Kinross and Rebecca McEwan. 

Sietec’s website said it provided technology and communication solutions for 900 companies across the country. Named customers include Police, Bunnings, NZQA, Briscoes, Watercare and Harvey Norman among others.
Sietec said Fastcom was committed to growing regionally throughout New Zealand.
“We are pleased to advise that there will be no staff changes so the same friendly and willing team that has been providing service over the last twenty-plus years will continue,” it said. 
“You will start to see ‘powered by Fastcom’ appearing and may even have some of the Fastcom engineering team responding and working to support you going forward. Other than that there are no changes for you and it is business as usual.”
Sietec partners with Mitel and Atos Unify for unified communications, collaboration and other services and 2degrees for mobile services.
Fastcom, which is also Auckland based, partners with a broad range of vendors and carriers including Spark, Chorus, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Extreme Networks, HP and HPE, according to its website.
As well as Sietec, Fastcom owns or controls the Click Internet, Corvus Digital Media, Springboard IT and Switch MSP brands as well as other companies operating under the Fastcom brand.
Sietec’s subsidiaries are  Sietec (8 Squared), Sietec Advanced Networks, Sietec Security and Sietec Wholesale Networks.

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