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Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for October 19, 2021! We are just over a week away from our SaaS event, which means that we’re deep into prep territory. I just got off a call for this panel that I am particularly excited about, for example. The trick will be cutting down my question list until it fits into the 30 minutes available.
How startups are turning data into software gold

In other TechCrunch news, we have a huge dive into Automattic, the company behind WordPress that also owns Tumblr, which our former parent company (Verizon Media) used to own before our parent company’s parent company (Verizon) sold us and we became Yahoo. It’s very complicated, but the Automattic TC-1 is amazing. Enjoy! – Alex
The Automattic TC-1

What is a startup? Recently there was fresh debate on this evergreen topic on Twitter. Perhaps we should just say that any company that has raised $50 million is no longer a startup? It’s something else? Something between a startup and a unicorn?
I bring all that up because I have no idea what to call Instacart. Not really. It just dropped $350 million to buy a different startup — part of a deeper move into the technology powering physical retail — but perhaps both companies were not startups? Something to ponder. (Feel free to respond to this email with what you consider the “no longer a startup” line, if you want. I will see it.)
One day every other week, Travelpayouts’ “employees define clear-cut goals and receive specific, usually non-trivial, tasks with little to no communication involved,” writes Travelpayouts head Ivan Baidin.
Getting S*** Done Day allowed the team to address “sidelined” projects that may have seemed like small potatoes: rebuilding lifecycle emails, improving analytics and optimizing working hours.
Completing each of these “eternally postponed” tasks created incremental gains, says Baidin. “That is something we value a lot.”
This article contains strategic, actionable advice for implementing a GSDD program that includes the lessons learned as they identified problems with the experiment. It’s a classic TechCrunch+ “how-to.”
How our startup boosted productivity with ‘get s*** done’ day

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The best take from Apple’s event yesterday had nothing to do with laptops or chips. It dealt with Siri and Apple Music. Who would have guessed?

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Image Credits: SEAN GLADWELL / Getty Images

Image Credits: SEAN GLADWELL / Getty Images
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