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The Global Green Information Technology Services Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.72% over the forecast period. This report comprises an exhaustive analysis of the current market status, market players, region, type, and application. The report provides an in-depth assessment of growth factors, market definition, manufacturers, market potential, and influencing trends to understand future demand and outlook for the global industry along with market size, company share, sales volume, and revenue during the historical and forecast period of 2030. The research report covers key players in the industry, CAGR value, market drivers, restraints, and competitive strategies worldwide from the region. Readers will find this report very helpful in understanding the market in depth as the Green Information Technology Services Market report delivers the market outline and development status by types and applications, specifies its price and profit status, market growth drivers, and challenges. Finally, the report also contains the opinions of industry experts.
As businesses are marching towards achieving sustainability by developing strategies to adopt environment friendly solutions, demand for green information technology services is witnessing an upsurge.
Key Players Influencing the Green Information Technology Services Market: Accenture, Capgemini Service SAS, Cloud Big Data Technologies LLC, Green IT Consulting, GreenIT, IBM Corporation, Microsource Group of Companies and SAP SE amongst others.
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The documented report aims to offer an organized and methodical strategy for important aspects that have affected the market in recent years and future market opportunities that companies can trust. It gives readers clear market research for better judgment and better decision making on whether or not to invest. The report provides an analysis and overview of the future dynamics with an in-depth analysis of the most important players that are likely to contribute to the growth of the global Green Information Technology Services market during the forecast period. The market report also provides a correct assessment of the company strategies and business models that companies implement to stay in the market and lead. Some of the most important steps companies are taking are mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations to expand their regional and global reach. In addition, the players are also launching a new range of products to enrich their portfolio by using the latest technology and implementing them in their company. The report is updated with the impact of the currently unfolding COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has dynamically affected the key segments of the market and has changed the growth pattern and demands in the Green Information Technology Services Market. The report covers extensive analysis of these changes and provides an accurate forecast estimation of the market growth after the impact of the pandemic.
The returns on the investment in green IT infrastructure are mostly obtained in long term which causes resistance among enterprises for adoption of these technologies. Also, the high initial investment and compromised performance to conserve energy are other challenges. As these technologies aren’t mature yet, customization to cater specific requirements of enterprises are creating challenges in the global green information technology services market. Companies are integrating smart capabilities in their green IT offerings. This incorporating of smart technologies with green IT can be used to optimize the energy utilization by distributing the energy as per the need of the computer and utilizing the existing infrastructure to maximum possible intent, thereby reducing consumption of resources. For instance, Niometrics introduced their Deep Network Analytics technology in September 2019 which exploits the existing IT infrastructure to maximum permits and reduces demand for new hardware, thus, resulting in lesser power consumption and carbon footprint. In similar instance, CAST Application Intelligence Platform includes Green IT Index which helps companies to identify wasteful software resources through analysis of software architecture and eliminate the flaws. Thus, the incorporation of smart analytics capabilities is increasing the efficiency of green computing and creating lucrative growth opportunities for players in global green information technology services market.
The growing demand for enhanced computing power is expected to further propel the demand in global green information technology services market over forecast years. The supercomputers and high processing computing solutions consume enormous amounts of electricity to deliver high performance which creates demand for green IT offerings. For instance, in 2019 IBM Corporation, in partnership with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and U.S government, developed a heterogeneous system which combined the capabilities of Central Processing Units (CPU) and Graphics Processing Units (GPU) which maximized the performance and energy efficiency of AiMOS supercomputer. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has further inflated demand for high performance computers and supercomputers to analyse massive sets of patient and clinical trial data. IBM Corporation is assisting researchers and government institutes to develop an effective vaccine for COVID-19 by providing access to its Summit supercomputer. These extended use of supercomputers and high performance computers has led to high electricity energy consumption which is anticipated to heighten the demand for green IT solutions and services.
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End User Outlook: Numerous enterprises are realizing the benefits green IT initiatives offers such as decreased electricity use, decreased consumables use, decreased future operational expenses or investments and others. These benefits have raised the demand for server virtualization and consolidation, storage consolidation, desktop virtualization, existing server room upgrades, new server room builds, IT energy measurement, PC power management, telecommuting and IT equipment recycling and other such green IT initiatives from enterprises. As the green IT offerings render sustainable competitive advantage to businesses, top managers are supporting its adoption. Development of low cost solutions is further attracting small and medium sized enterprises. For instance, Xtreme Labs partnered with GreenBridge Computing Inc. in June 2019 to develop low cost, green IT solutions for academic institutions and small companies. Thus, the potential monetary and regulatory benefits and development of low cost solutions is driving the growth enterprises in global green information technology services market.
Industry Vertical Outlook: The on-going government projects to develop sustainable infrastructure is creating demand for green IT offerings. Governments of countries across continents have initiated more than 250 smart city projects. The smart city projects are aimed at use of advanced connected technologies to develop sustainable ecosystem with high quality of life. These development projects demand smart technologies which are costly and consume more energy which might lead to unsustainability. Hence, these projects create demand for green IT products and services, thus, propelling the share of government industry vertical in global green information technology services market
Regional Outlook: North America region registered the highest share in global green information technology services market in 2018. However, the growing industrialization and IT sector in the countries of Asia Pacific region is accepted to drive the region’s share with highest growth rate. These growing industries have led to formulation of government policies and initiatives to encourage companies for adopting green IT to reduce energy demand and waste disposal costs. For instance, the Asia Green IT Forum is a convention of Asian countries that is assisting them to implement effective green IT policies through collaborative information exchange. These efforts of Asia Pacific countries to adopt green IT technologies is attracting global players. For instance, Ampere Computing, Inc., a developer of high performance and energy efficient microprocessors announced Asia partnership program in August 2019 for China, South Korea and other Asian markets for development of efficient of greener hyperscale datacentres. Thus, initiatives to cater the rising energy demand coupled with new market entrants are anticipated to propel the growth of Asia Pacific region in global green information technology services market over forecast years.
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