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There are solid rumors that, next week, Facebook will change its name. The excuse is that he wants to focus on the metaverse, but something tells you that it also has to do with the bad image of recent years …
Finally, Android 12 has already started shipping, although only on Pixel mobiles, as is tradition.
Raspberry is also affected by the chip crisis: has announced that it is going to raise prices for some of its micro PCs.
The supply crisis claims a new victim: Raspberry Pi. Read the news
Tricks to know if it is the right time to buy a cryptocurrency. Read the news
After months of waiting it’s official: Android 12 is already among us. Read the news
Goodbye to Facebook? The company considers changing its name this month. Read the news
Be careful if you receive this notice from Bizum: the National Police warns that money can be stolen if you press the button. Read the news
Android 12 will allow all mobiles to have two WhatsApp accounts open. Read the news
The leak of the Twitch code reveals that the platform has a list of streamers who can break the rules. Read the news
Facial recognition reaches some schools in the UK. Read the news
Screen with 120 Hz and Snapdragon 778G for the new OPPO K9s. Read the news
Samsung aims to personalize its folding phones with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition. Read the news
Oppo wants to compete with Qualcomm: the Chinese company would take months developing its own processors. Read the news
Delete people and objects from photographs comes to Google Photos with the new Pixel 6. Read the news
The Google Pixel 6 will officially arrive in Spain, but late, we have to wait for 2022. Read the news
Xiaomi will present the Redmi Note 11 on October 28: this is all we know. Read the news
Vivo presents its new mid-range smartphones Vivo T1 and Vivo T1x: 64 Mpx cameras and 5,000 mAh battery. Read the news
Instagram adds this week what is undoubtedly its most anticipated function for computers. Read the news
Android applications will arrive in Windows 11, although in a very timid way. Read the news
The 2021 14 “MacBook Pro requires a different charger than the one in the box to fast charge. Read the news
Xiaomi expands its list of amazing gadgets: smart curtains, smart massager and more. Read the news
6 things you should never do if you are going to eat at a Michelin star restaurant. Read the news
Guide to buying an oil or air fryer: tips, models and their differences. Read the report
Easy tricks to clean and disinfect the whole house with hydrogen peroxide. Read the news
How to wash black or dark clothes: tricks to preserve the color and that does not fade. Read the news
God of War, the best PS4 game, announced for PC. Read the news
Netflix changes the way it measures the popularity of its series and movies, now it will be more transparent. Read the news
Ford has invented customizable headlights, do you know them? Read the news
The 6 golden rules of the DGT before putting on your seat belt that you should never forget. Read the news
In Spain there will be a recycling plant for electric car batteries. Read the news
NASA shows us what the NASA Perseverance rover spacewalk looks like in a timelapse. Read the news
The best exercise to relieve back pain, according to a physical therapist. Read the news
Fined because the camera mistakes his car’s license plate for a pedestrian’s shirt. Read the news
The supermarket cart with AI that weighs the fruit, takes you to the offers, and charges you when you leave. Read the news
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