Learning in New Trend – Global Times

Liu Jixuan

The emergence of the Internet and innovation of high-tech products greatly diversified people’s option of receiving education, injecting vitality into the learning styles of the middle school students. Correspondingly, how to study English efficiently in the digital age has ignited a heated debate.

To voice my opinion, academic schedule could be arranged according to personal willingness. The Internet gives us easy and quick access to the required information, including problem-solving strategies and a good selection of standard exercises. In turn, students’ passion and confidence gained from it will be enormously sparked with this brand-new way of learning.

Additionally, we could use lots of technology products to learn English. There is plenty of numbers of knowledge on the Internet which you can’t learn in school. For example, you can learn foreign languages using apps such as Duo lingo, and you can also use websites such as MOOC to take online courses from schools around the world. The Internet has revolutionized the way students learn, and we should go along with this trend by using it properly.

Another equally essential point is that we can make electronic notes. Previously we were used to taking notes on paper, but now we can use tools such as the iPad to take electronic notes, which are lighter and easier to categorize than paper notes. This allows us to take notes more quickly so that we can improve learning efficiency.

To sum up, increasing numbers of learners could benefit from new mode of education, but under no circumstances should we ignore the potential drawbacks triggered by the popularization of online learning. Only when we strike a balance between self-discipline and maintain vitality and wisdom in the online learning can we learn English efficiently.