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WandaVision hinted at the Scarlet Witch’s true power and her relationship to the Mind Stone. White Vision can tie together all the loose ends.
In Avengers: Infinity War, Vision is killed after Wanda uses her power, which is actually chaos magic augmented by the Mind Stone, to shatter said Stone and prevent Thanos from assembling the Infinity Gauntlet. It proved to be a futile gesture, as Thanos arrives on Earth and uses the Time Stone to reshape previous events. Turning the dial back to just before Wanda begins to destroy it, Thanos rips the Stone from Vision’s head and pips the last and final Stone into its housing.
During the events of WandaVision, the director of S.W.O.R.D resurrects Vision by extracting some of Wanda’s magic and infusing the synthezoid’s vibranium corpse with her stolen energies. Despite numerous failures in finding a power source that can adequately restore Vision, this plan works and the question is, why? Is there a deeper dimension to Wanda and Vision’s relationship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe rooted in their connection to the Mind Stone or is there a harmonic resonance between chaos magic and the cosmic amplitudes inherent to the Infinity Stone?
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After Thanos is ultimately defeated in Avengers: Endgame Wanda tracks down Vision’s body so that she can bury him properly. She finds him at S.W.O.R.D headquarters dissected into a collection of limbs, aghast at the cold reduction of his body into simple, crude components and the claims of ownership placed upon him. This leads her to Westview, where her grief culminates in a grotesque and incredible display of power. Wanda recreates a version of Vision and enslaves the town’s populace to play out an idyllic theater piece subconsciously meant to heal her pain.
When Wanda’s Vision faces off against White Vision, who has the original Vision’s body but none of his memories, their power levels seem on par with one another. Evenly matched, they forego battle and take the opportunity to parley. Wanda’s Vision restores White Vision’s memories and the latter, after firmly declaring his rediscovered identity, departs Westview to parts unknown.
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In the MCU, the Mind Stone not only powered the original Vision but also was a component of his personality matrix, perhaps as much as a third of it. The Stone also augmented Wanda’s innate powers, still too soon to call them mutant abilities perhaps, and gave her a glimpse of her true self as the Scarlet Witch outside the parameters of time. As Vision suggests in Avengers: Infinity War, “I think if it were exposed to a sufficiently powerful energy source, something very similar to its own signature perhaps, its molecular integrity could fail.” This turns out to be true but it also carries other implications.
Perhaps Wanda and Vision’s feelings for one another, the rapport they shared, was a product of the Stone’s influence. Playing out on subconscious levels that neither was aware of, this idea is also supported by something Vision said preceding the previous quote: “I’ve been giving a good deal of thought to this entity in my head. About its nature.” He is aware of the Stone as a part of him that is also set apart from him and is actively questioning its intentions as a part of his overall psyche. What he doesn’t seem to consider is whether his affections for Wanda are part of this entity’s motivations, perhaps a simple resonance of simpatico energies, or an agenda of self-preservation. It would serve the Stone’s purpose to emotionally bind Wanda and Vision as parts of itself that would otherwise be independent of one another, especially since Vision relies on the Stone for his own life.
The Darkhold, which makes an appearance in WandaVision, is an ancient tome of spells composed of dark matter and birthed in Hell, and one of its chapters is dedicated solely to the Scarlet Witch, the only being in the universe who is capable of chaos magic. If Hell is as ancient as the Infinity Stones, and the Darkhold is as ancient as Hell, then perhaps Wanda’s power is so immense because it originates from the same primordial cosmic fountain of energies present at the dawn of the universe.
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If that’s true, then the MCU’s Scarlet Witch could be considered the avatar of something akin to a seventh stone, the Chaos Stone. This could place her silhouette vision of her true nature into a slightly different context, with the Mind Stone welcoming home a sister. The Hydra scientists conducting the experiment make it clear that none of the previous volunteers had survived exposure to the scepter in the way that they were trying to test, and her experience defied mortal perception. All they saw was her enter and collapse while for Wanda, moments passed in enlightened rapture. There remains a presumption that this was because of her latent gifts, as she was able to cast a probability hex as a child long before her exposure to the Stone, but perhaps those latencies are more than expressive X genes and touch at something more primal.
In either possibility, White Vision exists in a very specific realm of continuity to provide clarity on these suppositions. He has all of Original Vision’s memories but no attachment to the Mind Stone. The chaos magic infusion he received seems to have left him as powerful as when he carried the Stone, though admittedly with a limited sample size. He can potentially assess not only the truth of his previous personality and the Stone’s true nature in a more sober fashion but also his relationship with Wanda. It’s unclear whether the memories he received feel more like data to him instead of lived experiences, but either way in the absence of the Infinity Stone that once gave him life and composed a portion of his soul, he can determine how much of his past was orchestrated and how much of his future is free of that past.
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