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When we think about the future, we keep imagining a vision with hi-tech flying cars, robots, and other intelligent objects at our disposal. Well, this future might not be too far. With the growing evolution of technology, companies keep shifting and changing their business models and ideas to keep up with customer demands and business requirements. Likewise, implementing advanced technologies like AI and machine learning have made it possible for HP to take its tech services to the next level.
HP is one of the largest manufacturers of desktops, laptops, and other hi-tech electronic goods. They provide hardware and software solutions to all sizes of companies. While they sell out these products, they are also selling the excellence of support and services on a global scale.
Data in artificial intelligence has become a major initiative. Without the right information, it will be tough to attain organizational goals. HP noted that AI can ease these pain points for the company with explosive data growth and deliver actional insights. Hence, with the help of Microsoft, the company built a virtual agent that allows customers to engage in multiturn dialogues. Implementing the Microsoft Dynamics AI solution has eliminated several problems that the company faced regarding customer service.
After embracing this new technology, HP is in a position to offer an excellent support experience in all its channels. The company is also bringing digital transformation to bigger venues like stadiums for a more immersive and connected customer experience.
From large companies like HP to small business start-ups, customers are the fuel to keep the business running. Integrating AI in business operations has acted as a catalyst for improved customer experiences. Even HP has realized its potential and integrated it to boost business growth.

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