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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Another industry has fallen victim to the ongoing supply chain chaos affecting the world—air conditioning repair. And the shortage of supplies has many local businesses feeling the heat.
One Tampa Bay business says the issue is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s impacting both businesses and customers.
“It’s extremely frustrating, it’s having a devastating effect on not only me but on other companies,” said Joel Zonneveld, who owns Comfort Keepers Cooling & Heating with his wife. “I’ve been doing this for over 25 years, I’ve never seen parts and equipment be so scarce as they are now.”
With supply chain issues and shipping delays, Zonneveld and other business owners have run into issues getting parts from overseas. Zonneveld said his business is down more than 50%, as his business heads into winter, the off-season for the A/C industry in Florida.
Not only is the issue affecting his bottom line, but it’s also impacting customers.
“I was able to get some of them running but there’s a lot of people I can’t service that are sitting without AC,” Zonneveld said.
There’s one customer in particular whose story tugs at his heartstrings.
“I had a lady disabled, she had to wait over a month to get the equipment. Her system was not repairable. She waited over a month to get the parts,” Zonneveld said.
Zonneveld said big companies have the capital to get parts quicker, leaving small businesses at a disadvantage. He said he’s thankful for loyal customers who wait for the supplies to come in.
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