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JACKSON, Wyo. — The Board of Trustees voted to approve the revisions Central Wyoming College made to their mission, vision, and values statements on Oct. 20. The last time CWC adjusted these statements was 1999, and Director of Institutional Effectiveness Louisa Hunkerstorm said the 2021 updates reflect more than two decades of college-wide transformation.
“The college has changed a lot,” Hunkerstorm said, “and the world we’re preparing students for has changed as well.”
Because CWC’s’ guiding statements have been modified to reflect today’s campus, Hunkerstorm said the updates won’t result in any drastic shift in the college’s function.
“The new mission, vision, and values reflect the work that CWC is currently doing,” she said. The language of the mission statement has been revamped to ensure it reflects CWC’s accomplishments.
We wanted this version to be bolder. For example, instead of ‘enhance the quality of life’ we are now saying ‘transform lives’, said Louisa Hunkerstorm, CWC director of institutional effectiveness.
CWC President Brad Tyndall has evidence to support the stronger wording.
“With around 85 percent of our students at risk–new to college and low-income–we play a critical part in changing the trajectory of their lives, and the lives of their children and relatives,” Tyndall said. “We are one of the best colleges in the nation for helping move students from the lowest income bracket to the highest.”
The new vision statement recognizes CWC’s desire to “cultivate vibrant, resilient communities,” and the values statement spells the acronym, “RUSTLERS.” The acronym is particularly meaningful to Tyndall.
“When someone says they’re a Rustler, it means several things at once,” he said. “I also think that the values embedded in that acronym speak to the tenacious, humble and caring Wyoming way.”
Updating the three guiding statements was no small endeavor. The process has taken more than a year and required the input of many voices.
“A large group of staff worked on these statements every month throughout the past year, with input from students, Trustees, employees at large, and community members,” Hunkerstorm said. “It was very important to us that the process be thoughtful and inclusive.”
Because they set the direction for the college, The Board of Trustees, issued final approval for the revisions. Members voted to approve their initial reading in September, and the changes became official after the second reading in October.
Hunkerstorm said the college has a clear path forward now that the revisions are in place.
“The whole idea is that our future decisions should flow from this new mission, vision, and values,” she said.
Next, CWC will use the new statements to write a five-year strategic plan. They will also revise the Institutional Learning Outcomes, which are the skills the college hopes to develop in all graduates regardless of their major. Both actions will impact the students’ experience.
“We have already gotten started on that exciting project, which will end up leading to some changes in what we teach and what students learn at CWC,” Hunkerstorm said.
CWC Mission, Vision, and Values:
Mission: Transforming lives and strengthening communities through learning, leadership, and connection.
Vision: CWC cultivates vibrant, resilient communities as we:
Values: We are RUSTLERS:
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