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Your right to know Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Pakistan earned US $419.992 million by providing different information technology (IT) services in various countries during the first two months of financial year 2021-22.
This shows growth of 46.32 percent when compared to US $287.030 million earned through provision of services during the corresponding period of fiscal year 2020-21, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.
During the period under review, the computer services grew by 40.06 percent as it surged from US $223.200 million last fiscal year to US $312.612 million during July-August (2021-22).
Among the computer services, the exports of software consultancy services witnessed increase of 56.19 percent, from US $72.681 million to US $113.517 million while the exports of hardware consultancy services also rose by 568.83 percent from, US $0.077 million to US $0.515 million The export and import of computer software related services also rose by 29.01 percent, from US $57.012 million to US $73.552 million whereas the exports of repair and maintenance services surge to $0.192 million from $0.071 million.
In addition, the exports of other computer services increased by 33.72 percent going up from US$ 93.359 million to US $124.836 million.
Meanwhile, the export of information services during the period under review increased by 110.42 percent by going up from US $ 0.480 million to US $1.010 million.
Among the information services, the exports of news agency services increased by 224.89 percent, from US $ 0.233 million to US $ 0.757 million whereas the exports of other information services also increased by 2.43 percent, from US $ 0.247 million to US $ 0.253 million.
The export of telecommunication services also witnessed an increase of 67.91 percent as these went up from US $63.350 million to 106.370 million during the year under review, the data revealed.
Among the telecommunication services, the export of call centre services increased by 36.02 percent during the period as its exports increased from US $ 19.892 million to US $27.058 million whereas the export of other telecommunication services also increased by 82.50 percent, from US $43.458 million to US $79.312 million during the period under review, the PBS data revealed.

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