Tech service links the visually impaired with remote agents for help navigating public transportation in Connecticut – Hartford Courant

Connecticut is launching an 18-month technology service pilot program linking the visually impaired to remotely-located agents for access to public transportation and other services.
The Aira service uses a smartphone’s camera to stream live video to an agent who provides the subscriber with instant access to visual information about their surroundings. Agents use the live video to narrate and interpret what they see.
It can include how to use a ticket vending machine, navigate public transportation hubs or access connecting services.
The Aira pilot program receives federal research funding that provides the 18-month subscription at no cost to the user.
The goal of the pilot program is to evaluate the Aira service and its effectiveness in providing travel help when using public transportation in Connecticut and access to essential services.
Connecticut’s Aira pilot program will extend to March 15, 2023.
Aira Tech Corp. is a San Diego-based technology company that uses the latest technology to connect people who are visually impaired with trained professionals who provide visual information on demand.
Starbucks announced earlier this year it offers free Aira service in all U.S. company-operated and licensed stores for visually impaired customers. Aira can be used for up to 30 minutes for tasks at a Starbucks, including reading in-store information; finding the order counter, a table or restroom; social distancing; or finding a Starbucks
For more information and instructions on how to sign up in Connecticut, visit