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The overarching vision for the Well-being Framework is enabling all our people to live fulfilled lives now and into the future and is ingrained in well-being across person, place and society.
This vision is rooted in a desire to make people’s lives better by better understanding people's lived experience , and therefore how policies can more effectively improve various interrelated aspects of people’s lives now and into the future. It does this by considering and measuring our progress as a society in a more integrated and comprehensive manner. The Framework in bringing together current and future well-being has sustainability at its core.
This framework will seek to progress an Ireland where citizens live fulfilled lives; where they are empowered to contribute and participate in their communities, and have equality of opportunity. It seeks a society that provides better opportunities and a better quality of life to all, with sustainable, innovative and connected communities, both in urban and rural settings.
Inclusion is at the heart of this approach , facilitating all our people, across all cohorts, to live fulfilling and meaningful lives with dignity.
The guiding vision of this framework has two elements rooted in better policy decisions for better outcomes.
The overarching goals of this framework are to:
The vision and goals, which will evolve through greater consultation and feedback, have been heavily influenced by initial internal and external stakeholder input and the well-being ambitions set out in the Programme for Government – Our Shared Future.
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