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Partly cloudy skies early. Thunderstorms developing late. Low 77F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 70%..
Partly cloudy skies early. Thunderstorms developing late. Low 77F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 70%.
Updated: October 28, 2021 @ 9:01 pm
Andy Garcia and Aida Levitan
Scott Hardie and Lili Warner
Morella Valentini, Mariana McCroskey, and Phyllis Levinson.
Part-time Key Biscayne resident Andy Garcia screened his new movie, “The Lost City,” last week at UM Cosford Cinema.
Andy Garcia and Aida Levitan
The film is an American drama and stars Garcia, Dustin Hoffman, Inés Sastre and Bill Murray. Following the screening, a reception was held for friends and family.
Key Biscayne resident Aida Levitan, who co-produced the early ’90’s Cachao concerts, was photographed at the event with Garcia.
Its task has been compared to “trudging through mud,” but the committee overseeing a state-mandated review of the Key Biscayne Master Plan is making progress.
2020 Vision Chairman Ed Easton said he has faith in the group’s efforts. “I’m confident it will come out fine and I appreciate the committee’s hard work,” Easton said at a recent 2020 Vision meeting.
Projects on the list include: street signage upgrades, walkways near the beach, neighborhood parks, and redevelopment of the Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church site. Officials envision a grand bayfront park on land currently owned by the church.
Other projects include: expanding the campus for the Key Biscayne K-8 Center, providing more access to the Bay and beach, and working with the County on better use of Calusa Park. It was also suggested to formalize plans for the Civic Center Park, the former site of Tony’s Citgo.
Several projects focus on education — enhancing lifelong learning opportunities, building a high school on Virginia Key, and expanding Key Biscayne’s library. There are several suggestions for additional parking — 10 spots on Fernwood next to the Community Center, 51 spots on the East Side of Fernwood, and 46 near St. Agnes Catholic Church and the Presbyterian Church.
Finally, several infrastructure projects got a mention, including better street lights in several areas, more sidewalks, and the possibility of burying power, cable, and phone lines.
With a list of projects under their belts, 2020 Vision Committee members can move to the tough task of prioritizing their goals. Committee member Frank Caplan said, “I think we have found our traction. We just need to get the document done and send it off to the State.”
Born and raised on Key Biscayne, Lili Warner and Scott Hardie were married on November 12. The wedding took place in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas.
Scott Hardie and Lili Warner
Lili is the youngest daughter of Ignacio and Lilibet Warner, and Scott is the youngest son of the late Bill and Kathy Brown Hardie.
Both of the large families managed to travel to Eleuthera from all over the country for the fun-filled weekend.
(Update: Scott and Lili, now parents to thirteen-year-old twins Petunia and William, still live on the Key.)
When Key Biscayners look at the Monaco Reflecting Pools in the McIntyre Street median in the years ahead, they’ll simply see a lovely piece of art. But it is also something else — the answer to a challenging puzzle that was solved with mortar, grout, and ceramic tiles.
Project manager Paul Abbott summed it best. “It was like putting together a Swiss watch, out of concrete,” he said of the Art in Public Places Board’s first installation. Work on the two 15-by-15-foot pools designed by artist Sarah Morris was completed earlier this month.
It might sound simple, but it was no easy feat — Morris’ work demands very specific colors, precise lines, and logistical know-how. To cut the pieces, employees of Mosaika, used a diamond-blade water saw that could best reproduce Morris’ straight, dramatic lines. Each tile was done on a 6-inch-by-6-inch grid, which was then fragmented further according to the artist’s design. Some of the pieces were no larger than a pinky-finger.
The tile pieces fit into an elaborate pattern. Mosaika came up with their own numbering system for the installation. It was like a huge jigsaw puzzle. Mosaika has also crafted artworks for City Place in Palm Beach, and subway stops in New York and Montreal.
Morella Valentini, Mariana McCroskey, and Phyllis Levinson.
Sunday morning at Crandon Golf Course, tee off against breast cancer at the “Rally for a Cure.” Mariana McCroskey, tournament coordinator, decided to stage the tournament as a way to raise money for a good cause while simultaneously offering residents an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.
McCroskey is part of a group of friends that golfs together on a regular basis. The women say they love the combination of navigating the fairways and socializing that golf allows.
“It’s a passion for us,” Wanda Switzer said.
The women, many of whom hold membership in the same book club, will be joined at the “Rally for a Cure” by the Key Biscayne Women’s Golf Association. The tournament benefits the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.