Microsoft alerts 140 tech retailers and service providers to targeted attacks by Russian hackers –

On October 25, the Microsoft Corporation cautioned 140 tech retailers and IT service providers that the Russian hacking group, NOBELIUM, is pursuing them. Moreover, the Corporation proposed that these hackers aim to target ‘downstream customers’, particularly government officials. Similarly, NOBELIUM was accused of hacking SolarWinds in 2020. PCMag reported that the Russian group infiltrated SolarWinds by circulating malware-infected software amongst government agencies and private firms including Microsoft.
Microsoft revealed that 14 tech service providers and retailers in the US and Europe have been compromised since May in the recent hacking attacks. The Corporation alleged that the attacks originated from the Russian government, which is attempting to systematically access and surveil the IT supply chain to serve the nation’s interests. The US Government supported this claim and accused the SVR, a Russian intelligence organization, of the attack on SolarWinds as well as the Democratic National Committee hack in 2016.
NOBELIUM has been suspected of utilising phishing emails and password guessing to infiltrate these tech companies. According to an advisory from Microsoft, IT administrators should be employed to bolster the security of these companies against hackers such as NOBELIUM. However, due to Microsoft’s efforts, the Corporation reassured consumers that the success rate of the hacking group was very low during a large wave of attacks in the summer.
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Microsoft, PCMag, The White House 
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