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Last summary of the week with very important news, which may mark the future of technology in the coming years.
Facebook is no longer called Facebook. At least the company. Is now Goal, to reaffirm its commitment to the future: the metaverse.
Google has acknowledged that emojis on Android have been broken for years, but he has already put in place the plan to fix it definitively.
Android 12 just came out, but Google has already introduced a variant: Android 12L. In the linked news we explain what it is for.
Samsung wants to end the lack of semiconductors: in 2026 it will triple its production of chips. Read the news
The evidence of one of the biggest fiascos in Apple’s history disappears. Read the news
Facebook changes its name to Meta, and embraces the Metaverse. Read the news
How to identify and avoid scams after the merger of Bankia and CaixaBank. Read the news
LinkedIn launches a new feature that would help freelancers land more jobs. Read the news
Computer Hoy number 602 is already on your kiosk! Read the news
The 7 key points revealed by leaked Facebook papers. Read the news
The great fear of the experts with the Bitcoin price escalation. Read the news
Google recognizes that Android has a big problem with emojis, this is how it will solve it. Read the news
What is WhatsApp Delta and how does it work, the dangerous extension that you should avoid. Read the news
Never leave your iPhone to anyone without doing the triple tap trick first. Read the news
How is Zeiss’s relationship with Vivo smartphones? Read the news
Android 12 has not finished coming out and Google announces Android 12L: this is the new operating system. Read the news
The POCO M4 Pro 5G is announced with a very upcoming market launch. Read the news
How to use the Google translator and get the most out of it. Read the tutorial
The notch of the MacBook Pro begins to cause problems for users. Read the news
Raspberry launches a new microcomputer: more powerful than the Zero W and only five euros more expensive. Read the news
What components are you interested in updating if you want to improve your gaming experience on PC. Read the report
Google launches a tool to delete photos of minors from search results. Read the news
‘El pagomocho’ is the latest scam with Bizum in which it is very easy to fallr. Read the news
The increasingly widespread advice not to ruin the next Christmas (or your pocket). Read the news
The great trick to roast chestnuts at home, in three minutes and without an oven or pan. Read the news
Simple tricks with coffee that help you lose weight. Read the news
Best Disney Plus Movies to Watch on Halloween, Ranked Best to Worst. Read the news
Some HBO series have disappeared with the change to HBO Max, but will be back soon. Read the news
What are crystallized tires, and how to prevent it from happening to you. Read the news
The DGT explains how to drive in the lane that generates more doubts among drivers. Read the news
What is the future of synthetic gasoline from Porsche. Read the news
If you live on a seventh floor you age faster than if you live on a first floor according to science. Read the news
China claims they have created a quantum computer a million times more powerful than Google’s. Read the news
Facial recognition in UK schools stopped after a few days. Read the news
They have developed an algorithm that can decipher our secret numbers even if we cover our hands. Read the news
Flowspace, the Microsoft pod to increase concentration and productivity while you work. Read the news
The optical illusion that is revolutionizing the networks and that you will not understand the first time. Read the news
This has been the tech news summary of the day. Have a nice day!
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