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Surely it has happened to you at some time, if you have a relatively old mobile: certain emojis are not seen, or they do not make sense. Google recognizes the problem.
Whether you like it or not, emojis They are part of the Internet culture, and are used massively in messaging applications, forums, social networks, apps, etc.
Hundreds of new emojis are released every year. And, because of how Android manages them, and because millions of mobiles do not receive the new versions of Android, everything is generated type of failures.
The most common is that a user with a brand new Pixel 6 and Android 12 sends a new emoji to another with an old Moto G with Android 8, and instead of seeing the emoji they see a crossed out icon, popularly known as tofu:
According to data provided by Google itself, which comes to us via XDA Developers, nothing less than 96% of Android users don’t see the new emojis, versus just 16% of iOS users.
The 100 most used emojis appear in 82% of all emoji uses, but 20% end up looking like tofu …
And there is an additional flaw. With certain emojis, mainly those of gender and skin color, lOlder Android systems interpret them as the sum of several emojis, and this makes them difficult to understand
For example, this new emoji from farmer woman, Android 8 users see him as a woman, with a wheat emoji:
How do you interpret that? A woman who eats cereals? A woman who likes the countryside?
These problems originate from two different causes.
Until Android 11, emojis were stored in the / system / fonts directory, within the NotoColorEmoji.ttf file.
This system directory is write-protected, and It can only be updated when there is a system update.
The problem is that many mobiles take months to receive the new versions of Android, and hundreds of millions of them never receive them.
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As XDA Developers explains, Android 12 uses a system called Updatable System Fonts, which enables update emojis without needing to update Android.
Now the emojis are saved in the / data / fonts / files folder, which can only be updated by the system. Google can send updates to fonts or emojis, without updating Android.
This means that as of Android 12, all users will receive the new emojis at the same time, regardless of the brand of mobile you have, or whether or not it has been updated to a new version of Android.
This new management are fine, but there are hundreds of millions of mobiles that will never receive Android 12. What is going on with them?
Google is not going to leave them lying, although here need help from developers.
Android has a tool called AppCompat that developers use to ensure that old apps work on new versions of Android.
With version 1.4 already available, it incorporates EmojiCompat, which adds the new emojis automatically. In other words, If an app uses AppCompat 1.4 it will automatically recognize the new emojis, even if the user has a very old mobile. In fact, it works even with Android 4.4.
To force developers to use AppCompat 1.4, Google has changed the app adoption policy, and as of February it will force to adopt a version of Unicode (that standardizes the emojis) with a maximum of 4 months of antiquity.
In summary, all these measures indicate that, as of February, little by little old mobiles are going to stop seeing tofus and bugs in emojis, and everyone will enjoy the newest ones.
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