We need an Arnie-style muscular vision of planet-saving prosperity from the PM… – The US Sun

IT looks like COP26 could use a tough guy like Arnold Schwarzenegger — and not just to tackle the worrying holes in the eco-summit’s security, which we reveal today.
The Terminator star yesterday gave a wake-up call to leaders gearing up for Glasgow, saying any who can’t combine green changes with economic success like he once did as California governor were “stupid or liars”.
He’s right that change must not impoverish people. And there are great examples of the sort of innovation we need coming through all the time, such as NHS electric ambulances and surgeons’ scrubs made from recycled bottles.
In truth, however, Boris Johnson has it all to do to ensure COP26 lives up to billing, after the leaders of big polluters China and Russia declined to attend.
The PM must show them what they’re missing with an Arnie-style muscular vision of planet-saving prosperity, so we can say “Hasta la vista” to pollution.
AFTER a shaky start, the booster jabs rollout continues to pick up momentum, with the seven million mark now passed.
Even better, the rules have now been relaxed, allowing for the top-up jabs to be given to those deemed at higher risk, even if they haven’t passed the six-month limit since their second vaccine.
That will be especially useful in care homes, where there should now be no repeat of Covid’s deadly first wave.
Let’s keep the rollout rolling and make our vaccine shield as strong as possible.
WE hope the penny has finally dropped after the latest report on BBC standards, triggered by the Martin Bashir scandal.
The Serota Review found a “culture of defensiveness” at the Beeb, and a failure to avoid imposing its own Left-wing bias, from news to drama and comedy.
Well knock us down with a feather.
The review would not be needed if the broadcaster had followed through on previous pledges to get its house in order — but it now vows tough action “regardless of seniority, profile or role” for failure to meet editorial standards.
Hmm… we’ll believe that when we see it.
HOT on the heels of the abolition of the hated “tampon tax” earlier this year comes another overdue victory for women.
Yesterday, MPs backed calls to cap HRT repeat prescription fees in England at £18.50 a year, saving millions of menopausal women up to £205 annually.
It’s a win for our Fabulous Menopause Matters campaign, and Labour’s Carolyn Harris, who championed the issue.
For women going through “the change”, this is a huge change for the better.
THE Sun today encourages its army of readers to make at least one lifestyle change to slow the advance of climate change.
Everyone can get involved.
We’ve teamed up with the global campaign Count Us In to calculate how much carbon you will be saving by ditching old habits.
Remember even small changes help.
Find a step that’s right for you and your family. Keep it up for at least two months and see how you do. It might become a habit.
When you’re ready, try another step. All these will add to change. We’ll get there together.
Visit thesun.co.uk/pledge and pledge to one or more lifestyle changes.
It could save you money and all of your actions will go toward a global goal of getting a billion people to make changes.
1.     Eat more plants – Going meat-free for a day brings the same carbon saving as not driving for a month.
2.     Cut food waste – The average UK family throws away £700 of food a year.
3.     Turn down heating – With energy prices rocketing this will save you money.
4.     Insulate your home – Stop heating the sky with heat escaping through your roof.
5.  Repair and re-use – We ditch the equivalent of 250 t-shirts a year.
6.  Walk or cycle one extra journey a day – petrol cars emit twice as much pollution in their first five minutes of use, so even short journeys add to climate change.
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